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We need your prayers! Read some of our incredible stories, stay up to date with the latest newsletters, prayer points and devotionals. We understand that not all are capable of supporting financially and physically, but your prayers are equally as important!

Sandy’s Devotional

Paul had done much violence to the believers, arresting, imprisoning them and even agreeing to their death. He realized that he was a sinner and deeply valued the mercy of God to save Him.

September 2022 Newsletter

On August 8th, as I sat holding my tiny, new one-day-old granddaughter, we received the final decision of the court – rejecting our petition to stop abortion at 24 weeks of pregnancy. We will be obligated to pay legal fees for the case.


Interview with Sandy Shoshani on the "Keeping it Israel Podcast"

ABORTION IN ISRAEL - a testimony of a pathologist

I have worked in the field of Anatomic Pathology for 35 years, both in the US and in Israel. During that time I have performed hundreds of fetal autopsies as well as examination of thousands of samples...

Sandy's Devotional

Moses, Aaron and Samuel were called priests because they brought the people to God in prayer. They were not perfect, and had a human nature like we do, but God heard their prayers. Each of one of them blessed the people in a different way through their intercessions.

August 2022 Newsletter

I’m deeply grateful to all those who partner with us as we protect women from the pain and trauma of abortion, enable them to provide for their babies with dignity and offer healing to those who have been hurt from abortion.

July 2022 Newsletter

'Our goal at Be’ad Chaim is that every person, no matter what their situation, knows that they are valuable.'

Video - Baby Yanai

Precious Yanai is the joy of his mom's life.

Video - Baby Daniel

Daniel's mother came to Israel from Eritrea as a refugee.

June 2022 Newsletter

Friends, I know that baby Pele-ya Chaim is alive today because of God’s mercy and grace. Because of your generous donations, we could pay for Dr. Yoram’s expert services. Because of your prayers, Pele-ya Chaim lives.

May 2022 Newsletter

In the weeks leading up to Passover, I was deeply encouraged as I remembered the very brave women in the book of Exodus, Shifra and Puah, the midwives who refused to kill the Hebrew babies

Video - Baby Lilach

Lilach was born in January, six weeks premature, but is now doing well.

April 2022 Newsletter

Friends, thank you for standing with us as we aim to turn the world upside down, or perhaps, upside right! Let’s shake the lies out and make a difference.

March 2022 Newsletter

“The Lord has put His Spirit in me, because He appointed me to tell the Good News to the poor. He has sent me to tell the captives they are free and to tell the blind that they can see again. God sent me to free those who have been treated unfairly and to announce the time when the Lord will show His kindness.”

A story about our Isabella

When we knew Isabella was on her way, we had already been a family with our then five year-old daughter and our eight year old son. Although we knew that some things were about to change,

February 2022 Newsletter

Many of the women who reach out to Be’ad Chaim for help are hurting and conflicted. They often feel as though their lives have entered a desert.

January 2022 Newsletter

We give thanks to God for a very special 2021 during which we were able to help nearly 600 women with their pregnancies and new babies. It’s a blessing to share with you the privilege of protecting the lives of precious mothers and their children.

Meet Baby Olivia

With scientific accuracy, this video depicts the moment life begins and beyond to show the humanity of the preborn throughout each stage of human development.

December 2021 Newsletter

While we realize that it is only by the Spirit of God that minds can be truly renewed and changed, we are keenly aware that we have a responsibility to challenge people with God’s TRUTH. "This is the crucial point.

November 2021 Newsletter

In our effort to speak for the unborn children who cannot speak for themselves, we continue to use media to create public dialogue about the value of their lives. During the Feast of Tabernacles (Succoth), for ten days, we had a giant wall billboard on the highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.