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About Us

Our Mission

Be'ad Chaim - Pro-Life Israel

Our mission is to end abortion and to preserve life in Israel by offering viable alternatives to abortion, resources for mothers in need, pregnancy counseling, as well as education initiatives.

We are a registered Israeli non-profit organization that provides hope, education, counseling, and other practical services that empower women to choose life. By providing support such as counseling for those hurting from Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS), shelter for homeless mothers, and supplying practical needs for new babies, Be’ad Chaim is not only saving and changing lives through the love of God, but is impacting public opinion about the choice of abortion on a national scale, with the mission of ending abortion in Israel altogether.

Join us and help us save and change lives!

Our Story

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The Story

Estimates say 1/5 of all pregnancies in Israel end in abortion. And though the government pays for a staggering 20,000 abortions yearly, an equal or greater number are also performed privately. Since 1948, more babies have been aborted in Israel than the number of children that died in the Holocaust. Yet despite the nation’s deeply rooted respect for life, Israel is one of the only countries in the world where it is legal to abort a baby up until birth (Read more about abortion in Israel).

Be’ad Chaim has been an advocate for mothers and children in Israel since 1988. Not only have they rescued thousands of babies, but they also provide education, counseling, and tangible provision to needy mothers through their sponsorship program, Project Moses. This initiative supports women who choose to keep their babies by providing baby necessities for a full year.

I call heaven and earth to testify against you today! I've set life and death before you today: both blessings and curses. Choose life, that it may be well with you—you and your children.
Deuteronomy 30:19

Meet Our Passionate Team


Sandy Shoshani
National Director
Tony Sparandeo
Chairman of the Board

Our Counselors

Counselor, Jerusalem
Counselor, Eilat
Counselor, Netanya
Counselor, Ramat Gan
Psychologist & Counselor, Modi'in
Counselor, Lod
Counselor, Jerusalem
Counselor, Tel-Aviv
Counselor, Tiberias
Counselor, Haifa
Counselor, Netanya
Counselor, Ashkelon & Ashdod
Counselor, Be’er Sheva
Be’er Sheva Center Assistant

Our Office Staff

Office Administrator
Financial Administrator
Operation Moses Purchaser
Baby Boutique Coordinator
Baby Sponsor Updates
Gardener, Gardens of Life

Our Board Members

Anat Kalisher
Treasurer, Board Member
Chaya Mizrachi
Board Member
James Cheatham
Board Member
Alexandra Marcus
Board Member
Margalit Friedman
Board Member
Camille Troc
Board Member
Fran Cohen
Board Member
Sheryl Bulow
Board Member
Take Action

What You Can Do

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Support Advocacy

Help fund our efforts to advocate the public and change public opinion

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.