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Aug 15, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Precious Zohar is celebrated her first birthday on July 14th, 2019. She is a sweet and smiley little girl, and she is growing and developing well. 


This was a very challenging year for Malka, after having a very difficult emergency C-section and struggling to wake up after the general anesthetic. Malka still feels very weak even a year later.  After the birth, Malka was hospitalized for 12 days.  During this time when she was holding her new baby daughter, she dropped her and little Zohar suffered a fractured skull and hemorrhage.  Praise God she was immediately treated and today she is healthy and well. 


That wasn’t the only challenge Malka has had to go through.  Malka told me that for the past three years her husband had kept suspecting that she was cheating on him with another man, which was absolutely not true. As a result, he had been violent towards her. Malka believes that all the problems she had around the birth of Zohar were directly connected to her husband’s emotional and physical abuse. 


Soon after precious Zohar’s birth, Malka discovered that her husband had been unfaithful to her and was with another woman. She was devastated when she found out.  When Zohar was two months old they got separated and about a week ago their divorce was finalized.  This is not an easy time for Malka but she is choosing to see the whole situation as the mercy of God towards her, saving her from even worse violence and abuse from him.


Malka shared that the love of her children is what fills her up these days, seeing them grow, laugh and simply receiving a hug or a kiss from them makes her day. Malka is currently a stay at home mom.  She is receiving income support from National Insurance and living in her mother’s apartment, her mother passed away four years ago. 


Malka shared her very deep appreciation and gratitude to Be’ad Chaim, her counselor and her donor   She said  “Thank you, you have truly helped me so much, I was depending on the vouchers I have received from you each month, I deeply appreciate everything”.


Thank you so very much for enabling Malka to be part of the Operation Moses Project. And for praying for her and her family throughout this year. Please keep her in your prayers during this coming season for the Lord to heal her and give her his peace.