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Yehudit WITH BABY BOY Yaakov

Jul 11, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Yehudit emigrated to Israel from Ethiopia.  She is a single mother to 4 precious children - Nina (14), Orel (6), Ron (3) and now the little newborn, Yaakov, who is 5 months old now.  Yehudit has had three abortions in the past, so when she discovered she was pregnant again she knew she didn’t want to abort again but knew she needed to ask for help so she turned to the welfare system. 


Thankfully the Welfare System referred Yehudit to us and we were more than happy to help her. It was then through your very generous sponsorship Yehudit was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project. This provided her with new furniture for her baby and also monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials that her baby would need.


On the 14th of February Yehudit gave birth to a precious little boy, she named him Yaakov. The birth went well and both mother and baby are healthy and doing well.  


The father of the baby doesn’t live with Yehudit but he does come to visit them sometimes and takes care of his sweet boy to give Yehudit time to do some shopping or other things she might need to do. Unfortunately, though he doesn’t pay alimony or help them financially. 


Yehudit is a stay home mom, she doesn’t work and is receiving income support from National Insurance. She lives in an apartment subsidized by the government which means the rent is very minimal and she is receiving a discount for her children’s daycare and school. 


Yehudit is so deeply grateful for all the love and help she has received, it really is making a huge difference to her situation.


Thank you very much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Yehudit and her family.