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Tamara - Noam

Jul 07, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Precious Noam celebrated his first birthday on the 30th May 2019.  He is a sweet and lovely boy.  Noam has a good appetite and he is growing and developing very well.  Noam is not walking yet but it looks like he is not far off!  He has an older sister who is already 4 years old, and today was her last day of kindergarten for this school year. Now they are all looking forward to spending more time together during the summer break.

Tamara went back to work as a caregiver.  She is only working 3 hours a day while her husband is taking care of sweet Noam.  Tamara is not ready to send Noam to daycare yet, she said he is still a small baby and needs his parents.

Tamara’s husband is working in a factory and has different shifts,  because of this  he is slightly more flexible to help Tamara take care of Noam. 

Tamara’s mother lives close to them and is helping them a lot. Both Tamara and her husband are very grateful for this.

Tamara is so very grateful for all the love and support she and her family have received during the past year. She said “You have truly helped us so much, thank you!” 

Thank you so very much for enabling Tamara to be part of the Operation Moses Project, and  for praying for her and her family throughout this year.  It really made a huge difference to their situation.