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Shirin - Omid 

Jan 15, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Shirin is a young Arab woman from the south of Israel who we have known for many years. She is married and has five children: Yuna (4), Salim (3), Ema (2), Shiah (1), and now her little newborn. In the past, we have helped Shirin with her two youngest children. Shirin’s husband is disabled and is only able to work for three hours a day. He has a prolapsed disk and is in constant pain. 


Through your very generous sponsorship, Shirin was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project once again. This provided her with new furniture for her baby and also monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy other essentials that her baby would need. Shirin is deeply grateful to be part of the project again, it really makes such a huge difference to their situation.


On the 22nd of October 2019, Shirin gave birth to a precious little boy weighing 3.029 Kg.  She and her husband named him Bashar. It was a C-section and everything went well. Shirin shared that her recovery was a little longer than with her previous births but was still considerably quick. Today she is feeling a lot better and adjusting to having another child to care for. Bashar’s siblings love him very much. They treat him like a little doll and care for him deeply and help their mother as much as they can. 


Shirin is currently a stay home mom with her three youngest children. She would love to go back to work but has her own back problem which has been caused by the multiple injections she has had during all her C-sections.   Shirin’s husband is helping her sometimes with the children but is often back in bed early in the day because of his back pain. 


Shirin has decided that she needs to give her body time to rest and recover.  She will soon be meeting with her health care provider to consult about the different birth control methods. 


Please pray for this family to come out of the poverty cycle, for Shirin’s husband to be healed and be able to work a full-time job, and for her to have the grace, strength, and wisdom she needs to raise her five children. 


Thank you so very much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Shirin and her family.