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September 2021 Newsletter

Sep 01, 2021 • By Sandy Shoshani

Dear friends and partners in the defense of preborn children,

I am reminded of several very courageous, bold and determined women in the Bible who risked their own lives to save babies’ lives. Shifra and Puah, the Hebrew midwives in Egypt, protected newborns as they dared to fear God more than the Pharaoh (Exodus chapter 1). Jehosheba stole baby Joash from among the royal princes who were about to be murdered and hid the child for six years from evil Queen Athaliah (2 Chronicles 22). These women stood with determination, despite possible personal sacrifice, as they protected the babies. In our generation, as in generations past, we must “speak for those who cannot speak; seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and oppressed.” (Proverbs 31:8,9)

I am deeply grateful to you for standing with us on behalf of these precious little ones. May God richly bless you,



- Answered prayer -

Taking a turn this summer on the hotline, Helen received a call from a woman deeply distressed. Marlen was 24 weeks pregnant and has a son from her previous marriage. Her first husband was violent so she had to be placed in a protective women’s shelter and then move to a different part of the country. Her current partner had said that he wanted a baby, but later changed his mind and declared that he would leave her if she didn't abort. She phoned our Hotline thinking that we would help her to arrange an abortion, but when Helen explained to her exactly what is involved in an abortion at six months, she knew she couldn't go through with it. She also knew that it would be a terrible sin and couldn't stop crying. Marlen is Muslim. She says that she has a strong faith and that every day she opens the window and talks to God. She told Helen, "Every word that you said went directly into my heart! Thank you so much!" Two days later, after we prayed for her, Marlen’s entire situation had changed! Her mother promised to support her and her partner said that he would give their relationship another chance. He, too, was shocked when Marlen explained how abortions are done. Marlen refused our offer of financial help but said, "What I really needed was emotional support and you gave that to me. I can't thank you enough."

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Baby Agam needs your prayers for development

Agam celebrated her first birthday this month! She is a sweet baby girl but has some special needs after requiring heart surgery at birth. Because of her health issues, new mom, 21 year old Shoshi, is apprehensive about sending Agam to daycare. Recently, it was also discovered that Agam is lactose intolerant so she requires a special diet. Every other week, Shoshi travels to a hospital in another city for checkups. Agam is very quiet, her development is slow, and she can’t sit yet on her own. Shoshi takes her weekly to a physiotherapist. Shoshi’s mother helps them and visits them daily.

Agam’s father is 21 years old and doesn't live far away from his daughter. He calls Shoshi but does not help them financially. Shoshi’s counselor, Irena, is close to her and in frequent contact. Be’ad Chaim has provided help beyond the Operation Moses project such as subsidizing their traveling expenses to the hospital. We covet your prayers for baby Agam’s development and health, and peace for precious mother Shoshi.

Orli and baby boy Tohar

We rejoiced with Orli as she celebrated her son, Tohar’s, first birthday in July. Orli had a rocky start in her pregnancy. Her boyfriend had her evicted from his apartment and she had no place to go. Thank God that one of our counselors was able to give her a place to stay. After the birth, she found her own apartment and started renting. She managed to find a job at a supermarket, and Tohar is now going to daycare where he is thriving. Tohar’s father is not really in the picture and doesn't help out financially. He has come to see Tohar but is not interested in being a part of his life. Orli is so very grateful for all the help she has received over this last year.

She feels very blessed that she could give birth to her baby. She never knew how much happiness a child could bring and how much love she could feel until she had Tohar.

Tina and baby boy Solomon

Tina is the single mother of two children. She has a complicated story, compounded by a toxic relationship with her daughter’s father. She knows that their relationship is unhealthy, yet she yearns for his love and can’t stop letting him be part of her life. She describes it as an addiction. When she found out that she was pregnant again she told him the news with the hope that maybe he would take their relationship more seriously but instead, he left. Thankfully, Tina connected with our Haifa counselor, Talia. She has particularly valued Talia’s care for her and shared that because of Talia’s friendship, she chose life. Her son, Solomon, was born in April. Through the Operation Moses project, Tina received a bed, stroller, bathtub and sheets for her new son. She receives monthly gift cards to purchase his daily needs. Tina suffers from depression. Please pray for her situation and for healing for her aching heart.

Rina and baby twins David & Rafael

Rina is a single mother to one child and works for a delivery company. She is in touch with her son’s father but they do not see each other very often. Rina began to date another man and hoped that they would have a future together, but when she discovered and told him about her pregnancy, he left. He claimed that she had tricked him into getting her pregnant. Brokenhearted, Rina decided to abort, but then discovered that she was expecting twins! She made a decision to protect her babies even if she had to raise them alone. When her Be’ad Chaim counselor promised her that we would provide all of her babies’ basic needs for a full year, Rina was overjoyed!Baby boys David and Raphael were born in June. Raising twins on her own, Rina doesn’t get much sleep, but is deeply thankful for the lives of her boys. We salute brave Rina!

Valerie and baby girl Lee-Or

Valerie, in her forties, was in a long-term relationship and expected that her partner might propose, especially after telling him that she was pregnant. Sadly, he turned his back on her. Valerie was devastated, afraid and even suicidal. Getting in touch with our Be’ad Chaim counselor, who offered both emotional and practical support through the Operation Moses project, was literally a life-preserver for her and her baby. In June, beautiful baby girl Lee-Or was born, her name meaning ‘light to me’. Valerie adores taking long walks with Lee-Or and is deeply grateful that she chose life.

Sivan and baby Ivanna

Sivan was 16 when she became pregnant for the first time with her now 13 year old daughter. Three years later she married her daughter’s father and together, with her parents, they immigrated to Israel. When she discovered that she was pregnant again after so many years, Sivan was very surprised and confused. Looking for help, she connected with her local Be’ad Chaim counselor and chose life. In July, she gave birth to her new daughter Ivanna. In her words: “I cannot stop saying thank you for the help I received from Be’ad Chaim, and for the help I continue to receive!”

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

New Home for moms

Over the years, we have opened and closed homes for pregnant women several times. We have provided critical housing for women in very difficult situations. As you can imagine, this project demands a lot from our team, particularly manpower, finances, and much prayer and GRACE. There is always a need for a place for women who are in crisis pregnancies. For years, we have worked together with other ministries to provide housing. Now, the demand exceeds the present capacity. There are several women around the country who have lost jobs or who are teens and need a haven. Prayerfully, this month, we will be opening a three bedroom apartment in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon. We deeply covet your prayers for this home to be filled with peace, cooperation between the women and grace for our counselor Yael, who will be overseeing it.

Sarah and baby girl Ayla

In June, Ayla celebrated her first birthday with lots of balloons. Her mother, Sarah, made her a special cake. Ayla, thankfully, has a loving father who works to support his family but isn’t earning enough to pay bills so they live with Sarah’s widowed mother. Sarah, being a new immigrant, doesn’t speak Hebrew well enough yet to find a well-paying job. We would appreciate your prayers that this precious family will be able to stand on their feet financially.

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Be'ad Chaim Baby Calendar - 2021-2022

Facebook comments:

One of the best ways for us to reach women in crisis pregnancies and after reproductive loss is through Facebook. Of course, Facebook feedback on our prolife position varies from very positive to very antagonistic. I was thrilled to read this chain of responses which shows how God is using our work to bring healing. Here’s a short summary of the Hebrew that follows:

“So I went into their page and wanted to vomit.”

“So don’t go into their page.”

“But they’re advertising on our feed.”

“They’re really good.”

“Yeah, sure, ‘great’ (mocking emoji).”

“No really, they help people who’ve lost a baby.” “Explain.”

“Abortion, miscarriage, silent birth… They really helped my friend.”

“Helped? How?”

“Someone supported her with weekly conversations and visits, sitting with her, talking with her and really supporting her.”

We thank God that we are able to bring comfort to those who mourn in Zion.

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Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.