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Sara - Dotan 

Nov 25, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Beautiful Dotan celebrated her first birthday on the 5th September 2019. She is a sweet and lovely girl.  She is now going to daycare and is really enjoys it.

Praise God Dotan seems to be developing  very well.  The doctors are keeping a careful eye on her and monitoring her development, due to all her siblings having various struggles.   Recently after coughing for very long time they have discovered that little Dotan has asthma.  She is currently being treated with antibiotics and has a special inhaler that seems to help. Please pray for her full and complete healing. 

Sara is a very special woman, as you have probably seen in the first update we sent you. This time when we spoke to her she shared more in detail about all the different challenges her family has to go through and face daily. Her 10 year old son has Attention and concentration problems, the 8 year old son is Autistic, and her 4 and 2 year old sons have significant problems with their development and motorical abilities. Despite the difficulties Sara seems very hopeful, she loves her children and is very happy to invest all her time and strength to help them grow, develop and succeed as individuals. 

Because of all the different demands she has in her family Sara is currently unable to work.

Your help and support has been deeply appreciated by Sara and her husband, it really  made a huge impact and real difference to their situation.  They are immensely grateful. 

Thank you so very much for enabling Sara to be part of the Operation Moses Project, and  for praying for her and her family throughout this year.