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Rina and baby girl Yahalom

Feb 07, 2021 • By Be'ad Chaim

Rina is only 22 years old but lives on her own and is very independent. Her two year old son goes to daycare when she’s working. Rina had been in a steady and caring relationship. She thought that maybe her boyfriend would want to propose to her, so when she found out that she was pregnant, she happily told him.  However, he did not receive the news with a smile and urged her to abort. He said it was all too early for him. They were not even living together, and he would not know what to tell his parents.  

Rina told me that she could see he was really apprehensive. She told him that she wanted to keep the baby, and that she saw it as the fruit of their love for each other. Sadly, he did not agree and continued to urge Rina to abort so that his parents would not know, and they could carry on as before. The thought of an abortion felt wrong to Rina. She shared the situation with a few of her friends.  One of her friends who had been helped by us, gave Rina the number of her counselor. As a result of her counselor’s support, Rina chose life. She was enrolled in the Operation Moses Program which would provide her with all of her baby’s necessities for a whole year. Her gorgeous daughter Yahalom, meaning “diamond”, was born in December. Sadly, she has not heard from her ex-boyfriend since she decided to continue her pregnancy, but she hopes that his heart will soften. Her friends have been very supportive and her mother, who pushed for the abortion, is now a proud grandmother.

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