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Baby Mia

Dec 04, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Precious Mia celebrated her first birthday on the 16th of October 2019. She is healthy and growing and developing very well.  At the beginning of September, Mia started going to daycare and she is really enjoying it and loves her caregivers at daycare. 


Vicki, her mother, has now started working from home as a nail artist. This is a new business but she is hoping that it will develop and grow. Vicki’s husband is disabled as a result of an accident that happened at work. His case is still being processed with the court and he is hoping his disability will get approval.  Currently, he has only been assessed as 10% disabled which doesn’t give him any allowance. Praise God he has found a part-time job in the hospital where he used to work. It is a desk job that doesn’t require any physical strength, but unfortunately, his salary is a lot lower than what it was previously. However, he is glad to be able to work again.


Vicki is so very grateful to Be’ad Chaim and her generous donors, she said: “Thank you so much. We will never take for granted what you have done for us. I used to wait each month for the voucher to arrive, it was always such a tremendous help for us and made all the difference. People who struggle know that this help is life-saving!”.