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Orna - Adel 

Oct 17, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Orna is an Arab-Israeli woman who got married when she was just 17 years old and then soon after got divorced. After this, she started a new relationship and became pregnant. Sadly, her partner was totally against the pregnancy and insisted that she got an abortion. Orna felt very confused. She really did not like the thought of having an abortion. Thankfully, she then called our Hotline and made an appointment to see one of our wonderful counselors. After this meeting, she decided to keep her precious child. 

It was then through your very generous sponsorship that Orna was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project. This provided her with new furniture for her baby and also monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials that her baby would need. 

Before birth, the doctors had been concerned because the heartbeat of the baby started slowing down.   They insisted on Orna taking bed rest in the hospital, but she refused, wanting to be at home for as long as possible. In fact, Orna stayed at home until she started having very strong contractions. She gave birth on the 4th of June 2019 soon after getting to the hospital. Her baby was a sweet healthy little girl who she named Adel (meaning in Hebrew "the fruit of God"). It was a natural birth and everything went well, both mother and baby are healthy and doing well. 

Adel’s father knows she was born and feels very repentant for the way he acted at the beginning of the pregnancy.  He has subsequently spoken to Orna’s parents saying he wants to marry her. At the moment Orna just wants to concentrate on her precious little daughter. She said she may consider renewing the relationship in the future.

Orna is receiving income support and both of her parents have been very supportive and helpful. She is so happy to have her daughter, she is passionate about giving her the very best - all the love and care she needs.  She is so grateful for the generous and loving help she has received. This made such a huge difference, and in fact, helped her to choose life. 

Thank you very much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Orna and her precious daughter Adel.