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Feb 26, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Orel celebrated his first birthday on the 6th of December last year. He is developing very well and all his siblings love him very much!  

Liel told me that Orel started going to daycare so she could look for a job. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan and Orel has now been sick for the last three weeks and Liel has had to stay home with him.         

Liel is a smart woman and has both professional accounting and office management certificates. However, despite this, she told me that whenever she goes for an interview when they found out that she is a mom of 5 kids, they change their attitude towards her and reject her. 

 Her husband found a new job working with one of the Merchant Shipping companies in Ashdod.  Her husband is now sailing for two weeks and Liel is worried about having to stay home alone with no help. They are in debt of 15,0000 NIS and they feel like they can't move on until they pay off this huge debt. This is a hard situation to be in when you have five young children.  

Liel’s family is helping whenever they can. Her parents babysit the kids, but she said that they are both getting older and they get tired of running around the toddlers. 

Liel was so very blessed by all the support she has received over this last year. She has now referred two other women to Be’ad Chaim and gave them our counselor’s phone number. She believes in what we do and wants to take part in the good work! What a blessing!

Liel shared her deep appreciation for all the help and support she received during this very challenging season, it really made such a huge difference, and she is truly grateful.