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Olga - Dima

Jul 21, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim


Olga lives in Haifa in the north of Israel. She is a divorced woman with a seven year old son named Dima. She works very hard as a house cleaner so he can go to school and have afternoon activities with his friends from his class. She wants him to feel part of a normal life, and not to feel isolated or different. 

Olga was dating a nice guy for a while but never brought him home as she wanted to keep her romantic life separate from Dima. Then she found out that she was pregnant and expected the guy to finish the relationship.  Deep down she was happier raising her child on her own, despite the financial pressures on her.  She did not want to marry again or for this partner to move in with her.  

To her surprise he was actually very happy to hear about the pregnancy and wanted to move in with her and really wanted to get to know Dima. He was really in love with her and could not imagine his life without her.  He is younger than her and in the culture she came from this is not common, and she knew her parents would never approve. So she made the decision to separate from him and end their relationship.  He did not understand her reasons, but respected her request. He is keeping his distance but is helping her financially every month and she said he would be able to see the baby when it was born 

 However Olga knew with another child to care for, and with her own parents still in Russia and no other family here it was going to be tough.  She did at one point consider having an abortion but then thankfully found Be’ad Chain when she was looking on the internet.

As soon as she made contact with us, one of our wonderful counselors was able to give her the love and support she needed. She has particularly valued the support her counselor was able to offer and shared that it was thanks to the counselor that she decided to keep her baby. It was then thanks to your generous sponsorship that Olga was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project.  This  supplied her with a crib and sheets, baby bath, stroller and the promise of monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials she would need for the new baby. She is so very grateful for this help. 

On the 28th of June this year Olga gave birth to an amazing baby boy and named him Pavel. He is a healthy baby and it was a natural delivery. She gave him his Hebrew name- David Mendel on his circumcision day. Olga shared her very deep appreciation for all the help and support she received during this very challenging season, it really made such a huge difference, and she is truly grateful.