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Odel WITH BABY Alisa

Aug 27, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Alisa, now a year old, is a real joy to her mom Odel and now common-law husband. Alisa has taught herself to stand unaided for a few seconds. She isn't feeling confident enough to stand alone for more than that. She does, however, talk. She often says "Ma ze?" ("What's this?", in Hebrew) and expects an answer which she tries to vocalize. Her brother, Ori, just a year older, has his moments where is tolerates her and other moments where he expresses his dislike that she has taken his place as the child who gets all the attention. Sometimes he hits her, but according to Odel, she has learned to defend herself. Alisa hasn't been weighed recently but Odel figures she weighs 9 kg or so. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations and now eats food like her brother. Alisa will enter daycare in September, like Ori, who has been in daycare for a year already. Significant discounts have been given to them via Social Services. Odel still has 2 months to decide what vocation she wants to learn, as she is entitled to a grant to study something that will give her an income.


She and her now common-law husband are happy with their current arrangement and are uneasy about getting married formally, as it might subconsciously change their relationship. They will take things as they come but seem to be committed to each other and their 2 children. His business is picking up slowly but it still has its slow times, so sometimes money is scarce. He also realizes he could do with talks with a therapist so that his depression doesn't return, but it costs money and there is a waiting list at his HMO. Still, Odel reports that he is doing better than before and their lives have stabilized.


She wrote this note to her donor as she finished her time with Project Moses: "Dear donor! I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for your generous giving, and for all the help and support. You helped us tremendously with my sweet daughter Alisa and the expenses we had with her in her first year of life. My sincere thanks for such good people as yourself."