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October 2021 Newsletter

Oct 01, 2021 • By Sandy Shoshani

My friends,

As we celebrate this season of feasts with thanks, I wanted to share with you letters written by our moms for our staff and for you, our faithful supporters. I believe that these three letters, by mothers Mia, Nuran and grandmother Monique, well express our deep thanks for your love.

May the Lord richly bless you,


A letter from Mia

“I want to thank you for the huge help you have been to us over the past year. The beginning of my pregnancy was not easy because Oded, Liav’s father, was not in the picture and did not want him at all, but after the birth something changed in him. Since then, we are a couple and he is an integral part of our lives. I have no way of describing to you how much your contribution helped us when I was on maternity leave and Oded lost his job due to the COVID pandemic. A few months ago, I started working from home part time, and a month ago Oded also found a job. Liav is already a year old. He is a charming and happy boy who loves people. This coming September he will start going to daycare and I will return to work full time. I am grateful to you for your donation and your big heart. We will never forget it!”

A letter from Monique

In our December 2020 newsletter, I shared with you about baby Adir and his very special grandparents. I think that this thank you letter will touch your heart as it did mine.

“My name is Monique, and I’m the grandmother who has been raising Adir from the moment that he came into the world. My husband Aaron and I tried to help his teenage mom, Nina, to bond and to raise her son, Adir, but our efforts didn’t succeed. So, we decided to take it upon ourselves to raise Adir until his parents grow up and mature.

We want to thank the amazing team that accompanied us, for your huge generosity, for your thoughtfulness down to the smallest details and for all that you do for mothers and grandmothers, like me, who are raising their grandchildren. Thank you for the baby food, the gift cards for Superpharm, for the clothes, the Purim costume and the listening ear.

This year, more than any other year, because of the Corona virus, we struggled terribly with loneliness and isolation, as did all the people of Israel and all of mankind. Your care proved something else – we weren’t alone!!! You proved that we have a family and friends who care about the smallest details and comforted our hearts.

I bless you and thank you for the stroller that Adir received from you. It was a huge help, as were the clothing and teddy bear that he loves so much. I thank all of the wonderful staff for spoiling us, for all the love and smiles. Thank you for being there for Adir. I want you to know how much you helped us raise him and to give him what he needs. Here, we part ways, but you remain in our hearts forever.

With thanks from our family and sweet Adir. We wish you a happy and sweet Jewish New Year. May you be blessed with all good things. AMEN.”

A letter from Nuran

Mother Nuran had planned to abort her fourth child, but after receiving care and the promise of baby items for her child, she chose life. She wrote this thank you note to our counselor Roberta several days after the birth of baby Shadi.

"Hi, Roberta, You deeply touched my heart. I have no words to express my thanks to you for walking side by side with me on this difficult journey. At the beginning of the pregnancy, I was very afraid that I would be alone on this path. THANK YOU for giving so much. The items that you gave me have improved my situation. At this moment, my heart is filled with joy. I hope that one day I will be able to help you, perhaps with translation (from Arabic to Hebrew). I would help you with all my heart. I will never forget how you supported me and continue to support me now. May God bless you!"

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

In Memoriam

This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of David Friedman, a Be’ad Chaim member, a man of valor, humor, integrity and love. David authored several books and commentaries and held various leadership roles in Messianic Jewish institutions. He was the first Messianic Jew ever to run for a seat in the Knesset. He left a legacy of courage as he raised the profile of Israel’s Messianic community. David said, “I am not a professional politician. I simply came to the conclusion that it was time to stand up for what I believe.” David stood for the truth, and he took a determined and public prolife position. He passed to glory on September 5th, 2021. We honor his memory and give thanks for his life and example.

Some of our adorable babies

Heli and baby Yahav

Baby Yahav recently had a beautiful birthday party. Heli, 23 years old, had been dating a divorced man who was already paying child support. When she told him about her pregnancy, he bolted. Out of work, pregnant and without support from anyone, she scoured the internet to find an abortion provider. She happened upon Be'ad Chaim and thought to come in and see what could be done for her. She decided to continue her pregnancy because of the material and non-material support she would be able to receive and the hope she now sees for her life. She has received a baby bed with sheets, a bathtub and a stroller, in addition to clothes for her son. Heli received monthly support all year, and expressed her deep gratitude on a number of occasions at how much the assistance eased her mind. Her ex-boyfriend knows that he has a son but he isn't interested in him at all and hasn't come to visit. Heli is just as happy being THE parental figure in Yahav's life. She shared that Yahav has given order and meaning to her life. Please pray for this young mom who recently underwent surgery and who will soon begin a computer programming course.

Lia and baby Yaheli

Lia, 22 years old, is a bright and intelligent woman who was balancing her studies with work. She was also engaged to be married within a year. When Lia found out that she was pregnant, she expected that her fiancé would be happy, even though they had not planned to start a family so soon. At first, he was supportive but when she suffered from severe morning sickness, he decided to end their relationship. Shocked and ashamed, Lia ended up sleeping in her car for two weeks! She eventually went home to her parents who cared for her. She considered abortion, thinking that this would bring her fiancé back to her, until she met a friend who told her about Bead Chaim. She told her about the help our counselors provide and the conversations that calm and give hope. Broken and sad, Lia found compassion in her counselor. In August, Lia gave birth to baby girl Yaheli, appropriately naming her “God is for me.”

Yael and baby Gaya

Yael is 27 years old and single. She was living in Tel Aviv, and had been very involved socially. Her mother had passed away two years prior to her pregnancy and after that, Yael went into a depression, barely getting out of bed. She said that during that time, she played around and regretted most of the things she did. She started dating a young man from northern Israel and moved in order to be closer to him. When she discovered that she was pregnant, her boyfriend was shocked at first but then pleasantly surprised her with his joy and desire to be a family. During all of the confusion, Yael contacted Be’ad Chaim as she was very ambivalent about having a baby. The listening ear of her counselor gave her confidence and peace. Thankfully, Yael, with her boyfriend, chose life for Gaya, now a year old. They live together with his parents and hope to marry in the near future.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

New Home for Pregnant Women

We are very excited to announce that in mid-September, we opened a four bedroom home for pregnant women. The apartment is in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon. In late August, we went down to Ashkelon to sign a contract on an empty THREE bedroom apartment, but due to various bureaucratic complications, the contract was not signed. This was a disappointment but just several days later, we found a FOUR bedroom apartment for less than $150 more which was not only FULLY furnished, but had EVERYTHING WE NEEDED. An elderly gentleman had resided in the apartment and recently moved to an assisted living facility. His son left for us all of the household contents including kitchen items, blankets and sheets, and basically everything that we would need to house the moms. What a joy to see how God held us back from one apartment in order to bless us with something much better. Thank you for your prayers! As I write this newsletter, so far two women have moved into the apartment. We covet your prayers for a quiet, gentle, humble spirit for the women in the apartment to live together in peace. There are still two more spaces and we ask God to bring His choice of women to live in this home so that it will be a blessing to all who live there. Our Ashkelon counselor, Yael, will oversee the home.

Gardens of Life

It has been a very busy month of tree planting at the Gardens of Life. Lives were deeply touched. Several trees were planted for those who lost babies abroad. With prayer and compassion, a tree was planted for a couple abroad whose infant daughter passed away at birth. Locally, a young secular couple, who had anticipated the coming of their first child, a son, experienced the tragedy of a stillbirth at full term. They planted an olive tree, and allowed the prayer hostess to pray for and bless them. A local believer, active in prolife work, came to plant a cypress in memory of a child she had aborted in her youth and a brother she had never met because of her mother's abortion. She brought two younger congregants to plant cypress trees. One, married, had become pregnant with her second child while her first was still an infant and she had been afraid she couldn't handle two small babies. She aborted the second child and was never able to have another one. She deeply regrets what she did, but trusts in God's forgiveness. The other woman, married, also aborted her second child because her first child had severe genetic problems, and she was afraid of having another child with such troubles. We shared tears of regret and gratitude for our redemption. The Gardens of Life is a place of memorial and healing for all those who grieve the loss of a child.

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.