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Nina - Meni 

Nov 18, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Nina was born in Egypt but when she was a young girl she asked her mother if she could move to live with her grandmother from her father’s side who lived in Israel. Her mother agreed and Nina moved to live with her and then spent most of her life with her until her grandmother  passed away.  Nina  doesn’t have many relatives living in Israel, and her mother still lives in Egypt.

Nina is married and has 3 children, Eden who is 3 years old, Nisim who is 2 years old,  and now the newborn baby.  Sadly her relationship with her husband is not good.  They constantly argue and have many financial pressures.  Her husband is struggling to keep a job.  He will work for one day and then spend the following 10 days at home..  This, not surprisingly, puts a lot of pressure on the whole family and on their relationship.

When Nina discovered she was pregnant again she didn’t know if she wanted to keep the baby but was also  very afraid to have an abortion.   She decided to believe that if God gave her a child  he would  provide  all that they would need.  We have helped Nina with her previous children so she decided to turn to us again and we were happy to support Nina.  It was then through your very generous sponsorship Nina was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project. This provided her with a new stroller for her baby and also monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy other essentials that her baby would need.

On the 11th September 2019 Nina gave birth to a precious little boy, they named him Meni. It was a difficult birth but praise God everything went well and both mother and baby have recovered and are now doing well. 

Nina is a stay home mom taking care of her two youngest children.  When they are both older she is hoping to go back to work.  Nina’s mother was able to come and visit them from Egypt for a short time which was a great blessing for Nina.  Nina does have uncles in Israel who love her family and support them as much as they can. 

Nina is so deeply grateful for all the love, support and encouragement she has received during this time. She said “I bless you with health, it’s only because of your help it is possible for us to have our children. Thank you!”.

Thank you very  much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Nina and her precious family.