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Newsletter November 2020

Nov 01, 2020 • By Sandy Shoshani

Dear Friends,

As we’ve all learned during the past eight months, life is often not predictable and our plans can turn out quite differently than we expected. I am reminded of the terror that the Children of Israel experienced when they left Egypt. Having been told by Moses that God would deliver them from the Egyptians with a mighty hand, and having seen His power, they very soon found themselves trapped between the Red Sea and the mighty Egyptian army with no obvious escape. As we know, God MADE THE WAY, absolutely doing the least expected, as He opened the Sea and turned it into dry land.

Many of the women who turn to us for help feel trapped and say that they have “no choice” except to take the life of their baby. “BUT GOD” has a solution for each one because He cares about the mother and the child. It is a joy to be a part of God’s purposes and to be able to extend His mercy. In this newsletter, you will read about some of the ways that Be’ad Chaim, with your support, has provided assistance in their time of need. You’ll read about examples of our help which include providing compassionate counselors, supplying baby furniture and diapers through our Operation Moses Project and, this month, computers for school age siblings who couldn’t participate in school lessons done by Zoom. No matter what the need, it is the “love of the God that compels us” to serve and care. I thank you for standing with us ‘in the gap’ for the unborn and their precious mothers.

With a grateful heart,


Mona due in December

One of our pregnant moms, Mona, has been struggling to get by because she and her husband are both unemployed due to the pandemic. Their two boys are at home and weren’t participating in school.

She sent this photo of her baby daughter, seven months old in the womb (due in December), and her boys who are overjoyed with their new school ‘best friend’!

Nina and baby girl Naomi

Nina is 18 years old and lives with her parents. She had a long-time partner with whom she’d been best friends since high school. They did everything together and spent every possible minute with each other. They had plans to take a long trip to Asia before studying at the same university. Prior to their trip, Nina began to suffer the symptoms of morning sickness. She did a home pregnancy test and was shocked to see the two pink stripes. She was pregnant! No way! She was frustrated and angry with herself for not being careful enough. Her partner said that abortion was the only reasonable solution to their problem.

Nina was scared and looked on the internet for some information about the process. Her parents asked her to reconsider, and her mother told her that she would help her raise the child if she kept it. She found the Be’ad Chaim website, contacted the hotline and was connected with her local counselor in Beer Sheba. This counselor, although she serves over 100 other women, showered her with much attention and loving-kindness. As a result, and with the support of her parents, Nina felt peace to choose life.

In August, Nina gave birth to an adorable daughter whom she named Naomi. As part of the Operation Moses project, Nina received baby furniture for Naomi just prior to the birth and monthly vouchers to enable her to purchase diapers, formula and other baby necessities. Her partner continues to be faithful to her and the baby. Recently, he had surgery on his leg and needs your prayers to be able to find work to support his young family.

In the meanwhile, Nina depends on her parents but worries about them especially during the corona pandemic. Nina said, “In the midst of all of the challenges, it is really special to have people who care, love and support us.”

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Sarit and baby boy Avi

Sarit, her husband and four children live in Sderot, the town in the south of Israel that suffers the most hits from missiles coming from Gaza. There have been many seasons when their lives were suspended as they waited for the next siren alerting them to run to the nearest bomb shelter. When Sarit discovered her pregnancy with Avi, her husband had just been released from prison, they had no income and life was tough. Friends persuaded her not to abort but to seek help from Be’ad Chaim. Avi is now a year old. It’s pure joy to see his smiling face and know that his life was spared because of practical, financial assistance. Monthly vouchers to buy Avi’s basic needs have relieved Sarit of the costly burden of a new baby. We’ve made an exception and have extended the vouchers past the first year because of the family’s struggles.

Sarit is a very caring and involved mother. When she shared with me that her daughter in second grade and son in first grade were not able to participate in on-line schooling because they didn’t have a computer, my heart went out to them. We were blessed to be able to organize computers for them and nine other needy Be’ad Chaim families. Sarit spends two hours a day helping each of the children with their school work. The computer is a major asset in allowing the children to learn during the lockdown. Thanks to generous donors who support our work, we are able to make a difference in the lives of families. We pray that these children will grow to fulfill the good plans and purposes that God has prepared for them.

Orli and baby Arbel

Orli and her husband are police officers. Orli came out of her previous marriage with serious debts and her husband pays alimony to his first wife. So when they discovered that Orli was pregnant with their son Arbel, they decided to abort. They had already scheduled the abortion when Orli’s mother, who didn’t want her to go down that road, heard about Be’ad Chaim and referred her daughter to us. Our caring counselor, Roberta, spoke at length with the couple and helped them realize that there were people who would stand with them and support them. As a result of Roberta’s compassion and attention, they chose life for their baby. This year has been particularly difficult for Orli because, as a policewoman, she’s had to put in a lot of overtime due to street demonstrations and people breaking corona restrictions. She’s very grateful for Arbel, now just over a year old, whose laughter and giggles have brought delight to the family during this stressful time.

The couple often argues about finances and needs your prayers. Due to their financial situation, they couldn’t afford a computer which made ‘Zoom school’ impossible for the children. When Roberta told Orli that Be’ad Chaim would supply a computer, she was delighted! “I can’t believe it. I have tears of joy. Just now the teacher phoned me and asked me to try really hard to help my boys - one in first grade and one in second grade. Because I’m working, I couldn’t leave my phone with them to learn by Zoom. The school tried to organize a computer for us but it didn’t work out. You are simply an angel! Thank you so much! Thank you so much for thinking of us and that you didn’t forget me and my children. I’m feeling so badly, like a bad mother, because I have to work and can’t be home for the boys, preventing them from taking part in school. You don’t know how much this means to me! …Yes, I wanted to let you know that the computer arrived and the kids are in the clouds!”

Arbel walking with shoes for the first time

Yona and baby girl Hannah

Yona was living with her boyfriend while they both studied at university. She thought all was well but noticed that she was sensitive to different smells and started being sick in the morning. She quickly discovered that she was pregnant. Her first thought was to have an abortion as she did not want to lose her boyfriend. Her parents, however, begged her not to take the baby’s life. They said they would support and help her by caring for the baby so that she could continue her studies. Despite her parents’ kindness, Yona worried about the finances and responsibility of a new baby. Contacting Be’ad Chaim, she met a supportive counselor who encouraged her with the pledge of baby items for the first year and emotional support. Her daughter Hannah was born in August in a very difficult birth during which both baby and mother suffered, and finally a C-section was performed to keep Hannah alive. In these photos, you can see the ‘then’ and ‘now’ pictures: at birth, Hannah’s head was damaged but is now miraculously and totally healed! What a beauty!

Yona’s boyfriend ended the relationship when she chose to continue her pregnancy, but he visits occasionally. When Yona holds precious Hannah in her arms, she knows that she made the right choice and is grateful for all of the love and support surrounding her.

Roni and baby girl Adi

Look at that adorable face!

Adi is the youngest of seven children in her family and is spoiled and loved by all of them. Adi’s parents are happily married. Her mom, Roni, is a fulltime homemaker and her father works for a company that helps to find job placements for people with disabilities. He’s a wonderful father, but the family struggles to get by on his salary. Because of their financial challenges, Roni considered aborting this seventh child, but her sister-in-law encouraged her and referred her to us. Roni shared that her children are the joy of her heart. She admits that she is often tired caring for her big family, and there are good and bad moments, but she is deeply grateful to God for the gift of each one of her children and a house filled with love.

The Gardens of Life

The Gardens of Life is located on the path of the Israel National Trail. This 1000 kilometer trail crosses the entire country of Israel beginning near the Lebanese border in the far north and extending to Eilat at the southernmost tip of the country on the Red Sea. As people walk along the path, about midway, they arrive at the Gardens where they encounter large signs on the entrance gates. The signs let people know that it is a holy place created to plant trees in memory and in honor of babies who were miscarried or aborted. A young man, hiking the path, was intrigued by the Gardens and realized that this was a place that could help his grieving mother. He gave our website information to her and she then contacted our hotline. She shared that she had recently given birth, but tragically, the baby had only lived a few hours. Still mourning the loss of her child, she deeply wanted to somehow memorialize her daughter but didn’t know what to do. She has made an appointment to visit the Gardens with her husband so that they can lovingly honor their child.

We continue to develop the Gardens and an artist has designed a beautiful entrance area which will make the Gardens more visible to the public. Please pray for the workmen, finances and resources for this special project

which will allow more people to find help and healing from the pain of the loss of a child. There are millions of heartbroken Israelis who have not had an opportunity to bury their babies, because it is Israeli custom that these precious ones are actually interred by a special burial society rather than by the family. These grieving families have not found closure for their loss. The Gardens are a place of healing and comfort. May these Gardens become the Yad Vashem of the unborn – a national memorial to children who are now in heaven.

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

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