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Newsletter May 2020

May 01, 2020 • By Sandy Shoshani

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Dear Friends,

It’s been an unusual season for all of us during this pandemic. We’ve had to be flexible, creative and open to serving in new ways. Our generous donors have been faithful and have allowed us to increase by nearly double our monthly support for each of the 350 mothers in the Operation Moses program. Many of our families have lost jobs and are struggling, and those with children at home have been pressed to their limits. In March, we wondered how we could distribute the monthly gift cards, but counselors were creative and the moms were remarkably disciplined, coming to personal appointments on time, maintaining social distance, and showing thankfulness. This month, our creative team has explained to mothers how to use an app on their phones for their local supermarket. We add credit to the phone which allows them to shop for baby items.

Also, because of the virus restrictions, many hospitals are not performing abortions and women are panicking. We’ve increased our advertising on social media and have sent letters to social workers around the country to offer our help to those in crisis pregnancies. Many have responded and have called in for help. 

Some donors were particularly creative and sent masks, extra clothing, special financial gifts, and one even donated food baskets to moms in Haifa.

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support. It is a blessing and privilege to partner with you to save lives, to encourage needy mothers, and to see new lives born to our Be’ad Chaim family.

May the Lord protect and defend you,


The Power of Prayer

Each week, prayer requests are gathered from our counselors around the country. These requests are sent to over 800 locations around the world. In addition, prolife prayer meetings take place in several cities across Israel. Our Tiberias counselor shared with me several wonderful stories of answered prayer. She was particularly delighted by answers to her prayer “Lord, let those women who’ve already decided on abortion, change their minds.”

One example is the case of a soldier who had decided to abort. She was on the way to her doctor whose office is in the same business complex as ours, when she saw the sign on our door, contacted Irena and changed her mind!

"The fervent prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much."

James 5:16

Sponsor a Life

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Ilana with baby Eylin

Another example is the touching story of Ilana who is a caregiver at a nursing home in Tiberias. She loves her job and is very loyal. She earns a minimum wage of less than $1500 a month. She and her ex-husband have four children, and she is a devoted mother. The family lives in a very small apartment. Her ex-husband doesn't have a work permit and therefore can't be employed. He doesn’t help her financially but brings food whenever he comes to visit.

When Ilana discovered that she was pregnant again, she felt desperate and her first thought was to have an abortion. She had a scheduled meeting with the Pregnancy Termination Committee at her local hospital. (98.6 % of women who apply for a government subsidized abortion are approved). On the way to the meeting, she walked past the neonatal nursery, she heard some of the newborns crying, saw how the nurses were caring for them, and her heart became tender. She remembered the joy that her own children had brought her, and in an instant, she turned and walked out of the hospital. She decided to keep her baby. Praise God for His mercy and for the prayers of the saints who interceded for her and her child. In January, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Eylin. Ilana says that it seems that Eylin was born smiling!  Ilana is super grateful for the support, love and care that she is receiving from Be’ad Chaim.

Mother in Waiting: "It is not worth aborting..." 

Talia, 22 years old, single and pregnant came for counseling. She was unnerved, afraid and crying. The coronavirus partial lockdown was still in force. This was our first day back at the office, and she was finally able to meet with a counselor face to face. Remarkably, she'd been referred to us by a friend whom we'd tried to help several years ago, but this friend had chosen to abort. She felt that she'd made the wrong choice and didn't want Talia to suffer as she had. (We hope that Talia's friend will come and plant a tree in the Gardens of Life to find closure.)

Talia works as a clerk in a supermarket. Her boyfriend, before losing his job because of the coronavirus, worked as a security guard and paid most of their bills. They have been living together for a couple of years, but he is now pressuring her to either abort or move out of their mutual apartment. Her parents can’t accept her being pregnant and unwed. Talia fears abortion because of several friends who had abortions and deeply regret it. They told her, “It’s not worth aborting.” Other friends have managed to “make ends meet” as single moms, some struggling more than others, but they all agreed that she should continue with the pregnancy. Talia is now seven weeks pregnant. She is brave, but needs prayer to find a plan for her life as a young, single woman.  Our experienced counselor, Sharon, discussed with Talia her possible sources of support and encouragement such as her older brother and friends who could walk this new path with her.

Find Healing

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Mona with baby girl Emily

Mona is a single woman in her thirties. She was dating a man whom she said was a “good guy”, kind and good looking, and she thought that their relationship was serious. She didn’t realize that he wasn’t ready to commit. When Mona told him that she was pregnant with his child, he refused to believe that it was his baby and left her right away. Mona moved in with her 75 year old mother. Even though she was unable to contribute to the rent and bills, Mona helped her mother in other ways. Although this living situation was very helpful, Mona was still afraid of what her future would be and if she would be able to raise a child on her own.  She seriously considered having an abortion. Thankfully she turned to Be’ad Chaim for help, received loving encouragement from her local counselor, and was enrolled in the Operation Moses program so that she could get assistance to buy baby essentials for a full year. Two months ago, Mona gave birth to her precious daughter Emily. She said that throughout her challenges, it has meant so much to her to have people who care, love and support her, both practically and emotionally. It has made all the difference in her situation.

Oxana with baby boy Tom

Oxana is 28 years old and lives in Beer Sheva. We were able to help her with her firstborn several years ago, and her relationship with her counselor, Alla, has remained strong and loving throughout the years. They speak frequently and Alla has become a friend and confidant.

Oxana is a single mother. She worked as a secretary before she got pregnant.  When she found out that she was pregnant for the second time, she panicked.  She knew her partner did not want to have children, and she was not surprised that he left her as soon as he heard the news. Having learned about the dangers of abortion from Alla, Oxana wouldn’t consider it, but she was once again on her own. She moved in with her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother is 75 years old this year and Oxana helps her mother take care of her her. Together, they try to get by, making sure the rent and bills are paid, but they are struggling financially.

Knowing that she would care, Oxana turned to her faithful counselor Alla for help, which was graciously offered. In January, Oxana gave birth to Tom. He’s a strikingly handsome baby boy.

Due to the Coronavirus, Oxana  has had to stay at home most of the day and she says that she sometimes just feels desperate for some fresh air. Alla continues to phone her faithfully and encourage her. We thank God for the opportunity to show love in these times of trial.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Shelli with baby boy Rami:

Shelli is 22 and single. Baby Rami's father is a friend of the family, and he and Shelli were talking about marriage. Before she discovered her pregnancy, their relationship underwent some changes and any plans they had were shelved. Her own father encouraged her to abort, but her mother was supportive, giving Shelli the courage to choose life.

Rami celebrated his first  birthday amidst the general celebration on the eve of Passover, when all of Israel had their special "seder" meal, on April 9, 2020. Shelli had been living with her mom while pregnant, but over the past year, she moved to her own apartment some 15 minutes away. Just before the strictures of quarantine went into effect, she temporarily moved back to her mom's place. Since they were then all under one roof, they were allowed to celebrate Passover and Rami's first birthday together as a family.

Over the year, Rami's father has decided to deepen his relationship with his son, which is an answer to Shelli's heart’s desire. He buys things that Rami needs and comes to visit. Rami is a happy child who squeals for joy when Shelli gets him ready to go outdoors. Shelli is relieved that restrictions are lifting, and she and Rami can spend more time taking walks. His favorite thing is to go for little journeys in the sunlight. Rami has brought much joy to their family and everyone is in love with the little guy. Shelli worked as a security guard before Rami was born, but she hopes to better her situation and take part in a vocational training program for young moms who want to improve their lot. She has already enrolled Rami in a daycare program that will start in September.

Having been under the care of Be'ad Chaim for the last 2 years (almost since she first got pregnant), Shelli understands what "pro-life" is all about. She is so glad she didn't abort Rami. He has helped bring purpose to her life. Without the help of Operation Moses' monthly gift cards and the supportive talks with her counselor, she admits that she wouldn’t be the great mom that she has become. She is very appreciative of the help she has received and wonders what would have happened if she hadn't contacted Be'ad Chaim at the beginning of her pregnancy.

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