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Newsletter June 2020

Jun 01, 2020 • By Sandy Shoshani

Dear partners in saving lives,

We are thrilled by the birth of a baby a day, literally 365 babies born this year to our Be’ad Chaim family. Thank you for helping us save these children. While it is incredible to see all of these new lives, we want MORE.  We want to stop the shedding of innocent blood in our land. “The land cries out with the blood of your brother.” (Genesis 4:10).

Every child whose blood is shed is our brother or our sister. Cain, who slew his brother Abel, asked, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The answer must be a resounding,”YES”. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers and are called to protect them. This past autumn, I earnestly sought God for breakthroughs so that we might more effectively reach the public. Since then, an amazing group of young adults has taken on the challenge of creating a new social platform aimed at changing public opinion, calling it “Zechutam”, meaning “THEIR RIGHT.”  In addition, we have received a Google grant which provides us the resources to widely increase our social media exposure and promote this campaign, as well as an extensive campaign to reach mothers in crisis and people who grieve after the loss of a baby. We are deeply grateful for these breakthroughs and look forward to seeing even more smiling babies spared from abortion, mothers whose lives have been transformed, and a change in the status quo of abortion in our land. I am deeply grateful to you for your prayers and your support.


Sarah with baby Michael

Sarah had been through IVF (fertility treatments) many times but always miscarried, leaving her hopeless and very disappointed. It had been discovered that her husband had infertility problems which was devastating for both of them, causing their relationship to suffer, finally ending in divorce. At the age of 37, Sarah became pregnant as a result of a relationship with a boyfriend who then wouldn’t acknowledge that the baby was his. Although she wanted to have the baby, she was very alone and struggled, earning less than minimum wage, with no support, and barely able to cover her bills. She even moved to a smaller apartment. Through the internet, she found Be’ad Chaim and also found a friend in her supportive counselor Helen. In due course, beautiful baby boy Michael was born.  Despite her tough situation, Sarah says that Michael is her little prince.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Tali and baby Jonathan

Dear Larisa, Your words gave me chills. The “dolls” (baby models) that you showed me and your words “this baby is your family” continue to stay in my heart. These words give me hope even when I’m in an emotional crisis, fearful and feel like I can’t cope as a single mom. Then I whisper to myself, “He’s my family.” A huge thanks for your words and your work. You won the victory! Today, if I hear of someone who wants to have an abortion, I will work to stop it and help her choose life. Jonathan and I are waiting to give you a big hug. Your organization has shown me much mercy. You don’t know how much you’ve helped me. You saved my life. I’d love to talk with your Director. Larisa, you pursued me, calling me in the 8th month to see if I was still pregnant and to check up on me. You helped me without making me have to ask or by embarrassing me. I can’t thank you enough. Jonathan and I love you.

On a subsequent phone call with Tali, she shared: ”You don’t know what you’ve done for me. I saw you talking on YouTube and I called your office. I’ve been through a lot of violence with my boyfriend, but now I’ve cut off contact with him and today I’m raising Jonathan alone. The bottom line is that Jonathan brought meaning to my life. He gave me a reason to get up in the morning. I can’t believe how much you did for me. I do need to continue therapy, but thanks to God, the quarantine during the corona virus was good for me. My life hasn’t been easy. That’s why I wanted to abort. I didn’t want my child to have a hard life, but when I hug him, he’s happy. He deserves to be happy. I still have work to do to find my full healing. There’d been death in my life – I had tried to take my own life, but now there’s new life. Sometimes, I’m afraid and have hard moments, but the baby causes me to look forward."

 Tali lives with her parents who love Jonathan and are good with him. She wants to move ahead with her life, get a job and in due time move to her own place.  She concluded by saying, ”Jonathan gave me hope. The future is his.”

Hannah and baby boy Omri

Hannah came into the office glowing with joy and super proud of her son Omri, being just one month old. She told me that the birth had been “exciting” because the midwife had been infected with the corona virus (without knowing it at the time). All forty women who delivered babies in those couple of days had to be quarantined for 14 days after the birth.

Her son Omri was conceived in less than ideal circumstances. Hannah’s father had passed away about three years earlier, leaving her devastated. She was considered to be a "youth at risk" and never finished high school. Between the ages of 17 and 20, she had already had three abortions. Her mother, with whom she is currently living, became distanced and non-accepting of her current pregnancy for most of the nine months. It was only close to the time of the birth that she started to warm up to the idea of being a grandmother.

Hannah stated that she would have aborted if she hadn't found help from Be'ad Chaim at the suggestion of a friend. The promise of baby items through our Operation Moses program and baby clothing from our boutique was what changed her mind about aborting Omri. Holding him in her arms, she was deeply grateful that she chose LIFE.

Odelia and baby girl Nili

Odelia is a heroine because she bravely chose life for her child, despite very difficult circumstances and much pressure to abort.

Tiny baby Nili was born just one month ago, weighing only 2.3 kg, which is just a bit more than 5 lbs.

Odelia’s divorce had just become final when she discovered she was pregnant by her now ex-husband. They had been separated, but her friends convinced her to give him another chance. It was during that time that she became pregnant. When he was told about the pregnancy, he and his friends made it their goal to harass and pressure her to abort. She was discouraged and called the local hospital on many occasions with the intention of making an appointment to abort but always hung up the phone at the last minute.

She recalled the help, love and encouragement she had received from Be'ad Chaim with her first pregnancy and sought our help again. Her parents had died some years ago and since then she has had the responsibility for her four younger siblings, and now two children of her own.

Since the Corona outbreak in March, she has been out of work.  The help that she is receiving through our Operation Moses project, which includes a crib, sheets, stroller, bathtub and monthly vouchers, are a huge help for her this year as she tries to support her family. She is so happy that she didn't go through with the abortion and sees Nili’s life as a precious addition to their family.

Expansion of our Healing Program:  

We are excited about the expansion of our healing program to help those who have experienced a reproductive loss. In our February newsletter, we shared about the birth of baby Tsarai who suffered from a congenital disease characterized by brittle bones. We sadly report that he recently passed away.  He was only five

months old. Our counselor, Annie, has been counseling and comforting his precious mother Hava.  Hava shared with Annie that her own mother phones her and comforts her by reminding her daughter that she [Hava] has eight other children and can focus her attention on them. Annie agreed that this is helpful and additionally encouraged her to give herself the time and space to grieve the loss of little Tsarai. With sensitivity, Annie told her to find a quiet spot, where she can be alone and phone her when she needs to share her pain. Hava said that no one else has asked her “How is your heart? How ARE YOU doing?” She felt relieved to know that Annie will listen to her and allow her to share her grief. 

I have a poster in my office that says: “CARE – Shared pain halves the pain, shared joy doubles the joy.” It is our goal to see the growth of our counseling program for healing after the loss of a baby, whether due to miscarriage, abortion, still birth, or after birth. We appreciate your prayers for this vital work to grow so that many will find freedom.

In addition to counseling, we offer people the opportunity to plant a tree in memory and honor of a baby who died.  All are invited to plant a tree in the Gardens of Life, our memorial garden to honor children who cannot be held. Please contact our office to make an appointment and order your tree.

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

Provide Clothing

Provide women with clothing and certain baby items for a full year. Help lessen the financial pressure of buying it all on their own.