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February 2021 Newsletter

Feb 01, 2021 • By Sandy Shoshani

Dear Partners,

Looking at current events, one could become discouraged, but looking at the Word of God, we find only encouragement and strength. 1 Samuel chapter 14 tells us the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer winning a stunning victory over the entire army of the Philistines. Two men were able to conquer an army through trust, faith and obedience.

“Jonathan said to his armor bearer, “Come on now, let’s go across to these uncircumcised pagans. Maybe God will work for us. There’s no rule that says God can only deliver by using a big army. No one can stop God from saving when he sets His mind to it.” His armor bearer said, “Go ahead. Do what you think best. I’m with you all the way.”

The abortion industry may seem like a huge opponent, BUT GOD wants to save babies. The battle is the Lord’s. Thank you for standing with us as Jonathan’s armor bearer stood with him. I know that you are ‘with us all the way’, and I believe that we will see God saving more and more lives as we trust and act in obedience.

I am deeply grateful to you.


Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Oxana and baby Tom

Oxana, 28 years old, has two adorable little boys. Tom, in this photo, just celebrated his first birthday. Oxana had considered abortion when she discovered the pregnancy with Tom because her partner didn’t want another child and said that he wouldn’t stay if she kept the baby. With the help of our Beer Sheva counselor, Oxana chose life despite her fears. She shared that it’s hard work to manage on her own - working, paying the bills and raising two active boys. She is grateful that sometimes her mother helps with the children. Despite her challenges, Oxana adores her boys and loves taking them to the park, drawing with them, and meeting other young moms. Oxana is thankful that she chose life for her son.

"Oxana's partner didn’t want another child and said that he wouldn’t stay if she kept the baby."

Roma and baby Simon

Roma and her husband thank God for their precious first born son Simon. Her husband is a student at a yeshiva (a place of Talmudic study) who spends long hours out of the home and has very little income. Baby Simon has digestive issues and frequently visits doctors who are still trying to diagnose his problem. Please pray for God to heal him. In September, both Roma and Simon contracted Covid-19 and were quarantined for several weeks. Because of the pandemic and Simon’s health issues, Roma hasn’t been able to work. They are deeply grateful for the help that the family is receiving through our Operation Moses Program which has been a godsend for them. Despite his health, Simon is a lot of fun and is already talking, crawling, climbing and bringing much joy to the family.

Christina - a true inspiration

Some people are true inspirations to us. Such is mother Christina in Haifa. As a teen, she wanted to work with severely handicapped children but never got the opportunity. When she married, she told her husband, “One day, I would like to adopt a handicapped child.” During the birth of her first son, Iyad, his spinal cord was severed. She told me, “this happens once in a million”. Iyad is now 2 1/2 years old and a quadriplegic, requiring a machine to help him breathe. Christina told me that he is a gift from God to her, and that if she had seen such a child in an orphanage, she would have chosen to adopt him. She said that God knows who would have the capacity to love and care for a child with special needs. We’ve been helping Christina’s family since her pregnancy with her second child, an adorable little girl named Emily who celebrated her first birthday on January 9th. What a cutie!Pregnant with Emily, Christina had turned to us with great apprehension concerning having another child because she is so busy with Iyad, but received confidence and encouragement from her caring counselor in Haifa. Christina can’t work because she needs to stay home and care for the children. Her husband works from home due to the Corona pandemic but is earning less than minimum wage. We have extended our help with gift cards to purchase baby essentials beyond the first year to help this precious family. Thank you for praying for the best possible care and educational placement for Iyad, and for strength and grace for Christina and her husband.

Yarin and baby Eden

Yarin receives 100% government support as a disabled person. She will celebrate her daughter Eden’s first birthday this week. She calls Eden the light in her life. Yarin shares that because of her disabilities, many people pressured her to abort Eden, but she found the inner strength to continue. Her friendship with her counselor in Nahariya has played an important role in giving her the courage to give birth and to raise her daughter. Yarin had felt very alone, but now she has gained both a daughter and a new, truly caring friend in Roberta, her counselor.

Sarah and baby Rafi

Rafi turned one last week and seems to know that he’s adorable! He is able to stand on his own, and he and his brothers (eight and five years old) play and giggle together all day. Mother Sarah is divorced and cares for her three children on her own. She told me that they don’t have contact with their father because he is an alcoholic. She said that the police had to be involved a few times, and she doesn't want him in her children’s lives. She is a good mother and works hard. Up until now, Rafi was in daycare, but since the recent lockdown, Sara has been home with all of her children. Her two older children study online, and she told me that it is very hard for her to look after them and care for all their needs on her own. Most of her family is still in Ethiopia but her friends visit her sometimes. Sarah is an impressive woman who takes nothing for granted and is deeply grateful for all of the support that she received this year from Be’ad Chaim and our donors.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Fida and baby Sammy

Fida, a young Israeli Arab, lives alone in a rented apartment with her children. She is a beautiful young lady and a dedicated mother. She stays at home with the children and helps them with their schoolwork. Because of Covid, they have been studying from home a lot. She loves to spend time with them, playing and also cooking all their meals. Fida dated a man who seemed really nice and got along well with her children, but he was not ready to settle down and have children of his own. When Fida found out she was pregnant, she was scared to tell him and tried to hide it from him. However, when he did discover the pregnancy, he was adamant that she have an abortion. Fida felt she had no other option and decided to find a clinic that would do it.Then a miracle happened. She called the Be’ad Chaim hotline by mistake! As soon as she made contact with us, she was received with kindness, understanding and financial support. Fida realized she would not be alone.Her son, Sammy, was born in November and is a gift to his family. His smile adds to his mother’s optimistic view of life.

Oriya and baby Yehiel

Oriya is married and the mother of two children. Her husband studies all day at a yeshiva. Oriya shared that their financial situation is very difficult, so when she found out she was pregnant again, she seriously considered abortion. She was the only one working and on top of that she had to do the shopping, cooking and care for all the family. She told her husband how worried she was, and he said he would support her in whatever decision she made, and even find the money to pay the clinic if she chose to have an abortion. When a friend told her about the support that Be’ad Chaim’s Operation Moses Project offers, she was very relieved! Turning to us for help, she found both emotional and financial support. Oriya happily chose life for her son. His name, Yehiel, means “God lives.” Yes, God lives and loves these little ones.

Street outreach

For the past several months, a small but faithful team has been doing what we now call a “PRAYTEST”. We had begun by praying opposite the Knesset and have now moved to a major intersection where we carry large signs which are visible to the public. Despite the recent restrictions in place due to Covid-19, protests are still allowed, and we are PRAYTESTING (praying + protesting) abortion. It is our goal to raise public awareness about abortion, to change public opinion and to save lives.

We are thrilled by another initiative to turn public opinion called “Zchutam” (Their Right), which is a social media campaign to let the public know the real facts about abortion. A wonderful article was written for the online magazine about our public campaigns.

Healing after Reproductive Loss

We thank God for the conclusion of our first course in counseling after reproductive loss. Nine women from around the country participated in the weekly zoom classes and learned how to listen, guide and comfort those who mourn. We look forward to being able to bring healing to many who grieve in Zion.

In addition to counseling, all are welcome to plant a tree in the Gardens of Life in memory and in honor of a baby who has died from miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth. Please contact our office to make a reservation or to have our prayer hostess plant a tree for you. Photos, a letter and certificate will be sent to all for whom a tree has been planted in honor of their baby.

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.