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Newsletter December 2020

Dec 01, 2020 • By Sandy Shoshani

Dear Friends,

Prolife work has its ups and downs as we witness the struggles of women in crisis and yet experience the deep joy of being able to make a difference in their lives. We often speak with women who have already made an appointment for an abortion. Their hearts are torn because they feel that ‘they don’t have a choice’ and must abort, yet they grieve this unalterable option. Last week Stella, our Eilat counselor, shared Betty’s story with me. Betty, was eight weeks pregnant and lost her job at a supermarket because of the terrible financial situation in Eilat, where the economy is based on tourism. Betty couldn’t pay her rent and was about to be evicted. She decided to abort rather than live on the street pregnant and then with a new baby. We were able to subsidize her rent. Only $250 saved the life of her child. This is Betty’s response to our kindness:

“I really don’t know how to thank you! May it be that in the future I’ll be able to help other women. I especially want to thank you for opening my eyes and causing me to understand why I needed to continue this pregnancy – It’s a privilege to be a mother. Now I understand that if I were not able to walk through this challenging time, then God would not have allowed me to go through it!!!”

Friends, thank you so much for your care, prayers and generosity. With your love, we have been able to open the eyes of women in crisis to see the privilege and gift of motherhood.

May you be blessed!

Sandy Shoshani

National Director

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Noga and baby Liam

Several months ago, I shared with you about a very brave 15 year old who refused to abort despite pressures from every direction. In October, Noga joyfully gave birth to her first born son. Thankful to God for this new life, she and her partner named the baby Liam, which is an acrostic for “L'cha Adonai Ani Modeh" or "I give thanks to You, O LORD."

Noga and her partner had been dating for several years when she became pregnant with Liam. They had been raised in Ultra-Orthodox families but "left the fold". They appealed to the court to marry, but were rejected because of their young age. Noga’s family pressured her to abort but she wouldn't hear of it and eventually they accepted her decision.

Noga and her boyfriend are renting an apartment together. They are doing their best to provide for their little family. Be’ad Chaim’s Operation Moses project provided Liam with his baby bed, stroller, bathtub, baby clothes and monthly vouchers for other necessities. Liam is getting lots of attention and love from his parents and maternal grandparents. Noga's mother said, "There are no words to express our appreciation. You are truly doing a work of grace."

Sivan and baby Lianne

Lianne, now one year old, is adorable as you can see in this photo! One would never have guessed that she was born 7 weeks early and weighed less than 1.8 kilograms (just under 4lbs.) Lianne has not only "filled out" in her appearance, but she is motorically and mentally right where she should be. Developmental delays were expected but Lianne has none! At just a year, Lianne is already running, climbing and even says a few words. She is a delight to her parents and three older siblings.

The most difficult part of the year was, of course, the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Mother Sivan's tiny manicure business closed because of the lockdowns and the subsequent loss of clients. She had to sell all of her stock and has started looking for other work. Despite everything, she is immensely grateful for the help she received this year and the emotional support she got from Be'ad Chaim. She said to her counselor, "Your support gave me the strength to go on.”

Dana and baby Maya

Last year, I wrote the story of mother Dana, who had taken pills to do a chemical abortion. The pills had proven ineffective and Dana remained pregnant. As a result, she changed her mind about having the abortion. She literally phoned over 30 doctors for advice to find out if she would be able to have a healthy child after taking the abortion pills.

EVERY Israeli doctor had told her that her baby would not be healthy and that she must complete the abortion. In desperation, she said to herself, “I’ll make just one more call and see what they say.” Her final call was to our hotline. I need not say more. Baby Maya was born exactly a year ago, healthy, strong and gorgeous. Dana keeps in touch. She wrote me this note:

“We’re doing well and learning all the time how to surf the waves of life with all of its complexities. We’ve all just had birthdays: Maya celebrated her first year, Dan turned 45 and I turned 39 last Sunday. It’s crazy (in a good way) to be in the place that I’m in now with all of the various restrictions and conditions placed on us, and to see what will happen to us in this exciting life.

Maya is very verbal and chatters all the time. She holds on to things in order to walk. Dan and I are continually learning how to strengthen our relationship. Maya is a very happy and joyful girl. It’s a lot of fun watching her develop.”

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Nina and baby Adir

Adir celebrated his first birthday in November. He is happy, alert and loves people. In the photo, you can see him blowing kisses!

Adir’s mom, Nina, was only 17 when she became pregnant. Having grown up in boarding schools and without a family, she refused to abort her baby, but she feared that the welfare department would take him from her. She believed in the sanctity of life. Her partner is a soldier doing his mandatory three year service and earns only $300 a month. After Adir was born, his father’s parents saw the need for someone to care for the new baby and rose to the challenge. The grandfather is already retired and the grandmother has serious health issues. Despite their struggles, they are lovingly raising little Adir. They sing to him and dance with him. The grandmother told me that he’s brought much joy into their lives. Even the lockdown periods have been “fun” because of his laughter. His mother Nina comes to visit and to play with him. I was deeply blessed to see the love of these special grandparents and his doting young aunt with whom Adir shares a bedroom. Each time his grandmother comes to our office to receive vouchers, diapers and baby clothes, she takes the time to heartily thank us for all that we’ve done for them. She is truly a gracious, thankful woman who made a sacrificial choice to raise her grandson.

Ahuva and baby Anaelle

Ahuva, 23, lives in Beer Sheva. She works in a small grocery store, and lives with her mother and two younger sisters, helping to pay the rent and the bills.

She and her boyfriend met at work. They went everywhere together, and were inseparable. When Ahuva missed her period, she thought it was strange as they had been very careful. She was shocked to see a positive pregnancy test! She was confused and afraid to tell her mother. Her life would change dramatically if she kept the baby, and she could not see how they could afford to take care of a child. When Ahuva told her boyfriend that she wanted to have an abortion he begged her to keep their baby. He said it was a creation made from their love for one another and that he would totally support her and care for them. Thankfully, her mother also said she would be willing to help.

Ahuva knew they would need additional assistance and turned to Be’ad Chaim. The love and support that she received from our wonderful counselors helped her to embrace her pregnancy with joy. Her adorable daughter Anaelle was born in October. Ahuva said that it’s a ”weird feeling” to be a mother but she is so thankful for her supportive partner and family. She’s also deeply grateful for the help that she received from Be’ad Chaim through our Operation Moses Project. She said, “I am a blessed woman.”

Monica and Emmanuel

Monica, mother of Emmanuel, is extremely grateful to us for our help and especially appreciative of the support, love and faithful care that she received from her counselor Jenya. Here’s the note that she wrote:

May God continue to bless you for your tremendous work and incredible generosity. May God continue to work through you as you help women who would have otherwise wanted to put an end to the lives of their children. May He allow you to save more and more lives, just as you have saved the life of our Emmanuel.

Again and again I thank God, the King of the universe, who worked in my life through you. I thank God for your generous help and the support of the terrific Jenya who encouraged me during the pregnancy and continues to be in touch with me. Thank you so much!


Healing after Reproductive Loss:

We’ve recently begun a course to train counselors to help women after reproductive loss. Our goal is to build a team that can bring healing, comfort and new hope to those who suffer after losing a baby.

Part of the healing ministry that we offer to those who have lost a baby is through the planting of a tree in the Gardens of Life, a memorial forest to unborn children.

Our prayer hostess, Laurel, wrote this letter to someone for whom she had planted two trees. I believe that these gentle words will bless all who read them and have suffered the loss of a child:

“Yesterday Albert, our gardener, and I planted two cypress trees in honor of the two children you were unable to raise. We believe their spirits are fully formed and rejoicing before the throne of God. We rejoice here on earth that we and you are called, redeemed and forgiven, that we have peace with God and that He is able to work all things together for our good. I pray that the simple ceremony we have performed will contribute to the completion of your healing.

Blessings, Laurel

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

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