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Moran - Ori & Netanel

Jul 30, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Moran’s precious twins Ori and Netanel celebrated their 1st birthdays on the 18th August this year. They are both growing and developing very well. Netanel is already starting to take his first steps and Ori is able to stand on his own. They are both healthy and well.

This wasn’t an easy year for Moran. She is a stay home mom during the day, but late in the evening, when her little boys go to sleep, she is working as a cleaner in a school  from 9pm until 12am.  During this time, her daughter who is 13 years old takes care of her twin brothers. Her salary is very low and doesn’t help to cover much but she is grateful for what she receives. In September, Moran is hoping to send the twins to daycare. She has already sent an application to receive a discount for this.  Please pray for it to be approved.

Currently Moran’s ex-husband is not helping or supporting them in any way. 

Moran’s daughter has recently gone into the army, this has brought a lot of change and new beginnings for Moran. Please pray for the Lord’s strength and grace on her and her family. 

Moran is deeply grateful for all the support she has received during such a challenging year in her life. It really made such a huge difference to her situation.

Thank you so very much for enabling Moran to be part of the Operation Moses Project, and for praying for her and her precious family throughout this year; it really meant so much to her, and she is very grateful indeed.