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Michal - baby Osher

May 18, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Michal is in her mid-thirties and was a single mom raising her children on her own. She is a wonderful mother and does her very best for them all. She works hard to provide for them but always hoped she would meet someone who would love her and her children and want to make a family with her.

 About a year ago she met a guy and they started dating.  Everything was going very well, and their relationship seemed strong and supportive.  Michal loved him dearly and hoped they could have a future together. Unfortunately though, he was not prepared to be a father to her children.  He already had children from a previous marriage.  He was prepared to marry Michal but did not want any more children with her.

 When she found out that she was pregnant Michal really hoped this would prompt him to propose, she was even willing to raise his children, and take responsibility for them.  So you can imagine she was absolutely devastated when his response was anger and frustration and told her to get an abortion. When she refused he went to her parents and asked them to urge Michal to have an abortion.  He then threatened to leave her.  Michal's parents also urged her to have an abortion, saying it would be her only way of keeping this man and enjoying family life with him.

 Michal really didn't want to have an abortion, and thankfully she then heard about Be’ad Chaim. As soon as she made contact with us one of our wonderful counselors was able to give her the love and support she needed.  She really valued the support her counselor was able to offer and shared that it was thanks to the counselor that she decided to keep her baby, against all the pressure she was getting. 

 It was then thanks to your generous sponsorship Michal was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project.   This supplied her with a crib and sheets, baby bath, stroller, and the promise of monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials she would need for the new baby. She really is so very grateful for all this help. 

 On the 24th of March Michal gave birth to a baby boy and named him Yosef.  She said that she was in labor for three days, and it was quite a traumatic delivery.  She said that the pain was very severe, but looking now at her baby's face all the pain has gone, and she feels so very happy to have her beautiful baby boy! Michal is home now and breastfeeding baby Yosef. 

 Michal plans to go back to work but is worried about the relationship with her parents, which is not very good now.  She needs them to babysit while she is at work. Please pray for her situation and her financial problems.

 She is a strong woman and is determined to be a good mother! 

She really loves her children and says that they are all the most precious things in her life.  She wants to invest in them as much as she can.    

 Michal shared her very deep, deep gratitude for all the help and support she and her family have received. In the midst of all the challenges, it was so very special to have people who cared, and gave such support.