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Sandy's Devotional

Nov 26, 2019 • By Sandy Shoshani

May the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, just as we have for you, so as to strengthen (establish)  your hearts, to be blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his holy ones. (1 Thess. 3: 12-13) 

The Lord will return – His coming is at hand and we need to have hearts that are strong, established, deeply rooted in Him. Hearts that cannot be shaken by the daily struggles and troubles that we face.  As trees that face the wind and grow deeper roots, so our hearts must find a deeper relationship and connection with our Father in our times of woe.  

“When God shall give you a rich return for all you have done for him, you will blush to think you ever doubted; you will be ashamed to think you ever grew weary in his service. You shall have your reward. Not tomorrow, so wait: not the next day perhaps, so be patient. You may be full of doubts one day, your joys sink low. It may be rough windy weather with you in your spirit. You may even doubt whether you are the Lord’s, but if you have rested in the name of Jesus, if by the grace of God you are what you are, if he is all your salvation, and all your desire, — have patience; have patience, for the reward will surely come in God’s good time.” (Spurgeon)

- “L1”, divorced, is at the beginning of her 2nd pregnancy. She delivered just 4 months ago and is in shock. Her ex- had wanted her to abort her first child. She is considering abortion because she doesn’t think she can cope financially or otherwise. I have tried various ways to contact her but she isn’t responding.


- “R” from the is 19 years old and before her army service. She wants to abort, but after I talked to her she decided that she would think about it again before she makes a final decision.


- “Sh” is 33 years old and married with two toddlers, ages 3 and 1 1/2 years old. She is pregnant again. She immigrated to Israel from Ukraine two years ago. Her husband works in a factory. She actually had a profession back in the Ukraine but it is very difficult to get certification to work in her field here in Israel so instead she is now studying to become a nurse. In the meantime, their income is very low and they barely have money for food. We are happy to help her to get through this situation. Pray that she also will be able to finish her studies and start working so that her family can get back up on their feet.


- “S” was referred by a friend. She is 21 and single, about 12 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend is also young and they both feel unready to be parents. Pray that she will agree to meet with me.