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Maria-Baby Mia

Mar 16, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Maria is originally from Ukraine. She is married and has a three-year-old son. Her husband works really hard, and she barely sees him. He wakes up at dawn to go to work and comes back home late in the evening.

She is looking for a job, but this is problematic for her as her Hebrew is not very good. She really wants to feel more competent and find a good job.

When she found out that she was pregnant with their second child both she and her husband thought abortion was the only option. They could not see how they would be able to manage to raise two children.  However, Maria was also scared at the thought of having another abortion as she had had one in the past, plus a miscarriage. 

Thankfully, Maria heard about Be’ad Chaim and turned to us for help. She was then able to receive both love and support from one of our wonderful counselors. She and her husband were then able to consider all their options, and Praise God, they decided to choose life for their baby. 

It was then through your very generous support that Maria was able to become part of the Operation Moses Project. This provided her with all the furniture she would need for her baby plus monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials that she would need.

On the 30th of January 2020, she gave birth to a baby girl and they named her Mia. It was a natural delivery, and both mom and baby are doing well. Her husband helps her with their son and has encouraged her by saying that they will survive and that it's just a hard season that will pass.

Maria was very touched by all the care and attention her counselor gave her and her family and also the generosity of her donor. All this support came when she and her family were going through a tough and challenging time. 

 Maria shared her very deep gratitude. She said it is very special to have people who love, care and support in this way, it really made such a huge difference to her situation.