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Maria - Baby Doria

Jul 21, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Maria lives in Jerusalem with her mother. She is a young 27 year old who loves life. She is very positive, even though she has been through some tough times.

Maria is married but her married life is very difficult. She barely sees her husband since he has works in Bethlehem, and is only able to visit her once every few months. Also, when he does visit it is for a very short time.

When Maria found out that she was pregnant, her husband’s response was very difficult for her. He is not a very emotional man and showed no signs of being pleased at all. She seriously considered having an abortion because of their difficult relationship and also due to their financial situation.

Thankfully Maria then heard about Be’ad Chaim and as soon as she made contact with us, one of our wonderful counselors was able to give her the love and support she needed. She has particularly valued the support her counselor was able to offer and shared that it was thanks to the counselor that she decided to choose life for her baby.

It was then thanks to your generous sponsorship that Maria was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project. This supplied her with a crib and sheets, baby bath, stroller, and the promise of monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials she would need for the new baby. She is so very grateful for this help.

On the 21st of June this year Maria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Doria. She is the sweetest thing and very chubby! She gave birth in her 35th week by C-Section. The baby weighed 2.00 Kg. and Doria is doing very well and now weighs 2.800 Kg.

Maria is very dependent on her mother who helps her financially and also cooks most of the meals at home. She told me that her husband never understood her and that they married only because he thought she was the prettiest girl he knew. She was sure he was in love with her but now she is not very sure of that at all. Her mother is very angry with him and said that whenever he comes to visit all he does is sit on the couch and that she looks forward to when he can leave!!!

Maria shared her deep appreciation for all the help and support she received during this very challenging season, it really made such a huge difference, and she is truly grateful.

Thank you for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for her and her baby girl.