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Sandy's Devotional

Aug 15, 2019 • By Sandy Shoshani

It was 13 years from the time that Joseph was betrayed, sold into slavery and spent time in prison, until he was raised up by Pharaoh to be a leader. 13 years that were God's plan to train him and prepare him for service. When we are in difficult situations, it is so easy to grumble and complain rather than realize that our times of hardship are God's training camp for His service. Joseph wore chains of iron to prepare him for chains of gold. Yeshua wore a crown of thorns that He might be exalted to a crown of glory.


- “M” from Dimona is a single parent to 2 children. She went to the Abortion Committee several times but couldn’t go through with it. She called us before the last chance they gave her. She is 16 weeks pregnant. They gave her 9 pills in total and then she would have to have a D&X but she couldn’t bring herself to swallow them. “M” needs help to continue her pregnancy.


- “O”’s mother called to ask us to intervene so that her daughter wouldn’t abort. “O” is 22 and 6 weeks pregnant by her boyfriend who, along with his family and their friends, is pressuring her to abort.


- “K” from Ra’anana is 8 weeks pregnant and considering abortion. She is quite confused. Her doctor told her that if she is unsure, she shouldn’t do it! He also said that she could wait a week or 2 to decide.


- “Y”, 33 in Lod, divorced with 2 boys, is 6 weeks pregnant by a boyfriend who has since abandoned her. She keeps flip-flopping on her decision to continue the pregnancy or abort. She's very fearful and prone to panic attacks.


- “I” is 32 years old and single. She has a 13 year old and is pregnant again. She had several abortions in the past. She was very confused what to do about this pregnancy as she is alone and doesn’t have any family. Her boyfriend left when she got pregnant. I pray that she will feel that we are there for her and that she isn’t alone after all.