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Ilana - Hagar

Jul 11, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Precious Hagar celebrated her first birthday on the 24th May 2019. She is a lovely and precious little girl, growing and developing very well. 

Ilana is not working at the moment, because of her mental and emotional disability she does not feel ready to start a new job at the moment. Since Hagar was born she has been a stay at home mom. In September, Hagar will be going into a daycare. 

This has been a very challenging year for Ilana. Becoming a mother wasn’t easy for her, but she is seeing a psychiatrist and is feeling that there is a definite change for the better to her situation. This is a slow process, but she can feel the difference. Ilana is receiving disability income, and both Ilana's mother and her husband are helping her a lot. She is very grateful for all of this.


Ilana also expressed her deep gratitude for all that she has received during the past year from Be’ad Chaim.   She said “I want to say thank you so much, it has been a great help for us. Thank you to my donor, to Be’ad Chaim, and my faithful counselor. It was a real act of kindness, thank you!”

Thank you so very much for enabling Ilana to be part of the Operation Moses Project, and  for praying for her and her family throughout this year. It really meant so much to her, and she is very grateful indeed.