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Jan 16, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Hadar is divorced and is a single mother to 3 precious daughters, Gal, Shira, and now the newborn Moria. After Hadar and her husband got married they had two daughters. They bought a house together that was legally registered only in Hadar’s name. Her ex-husband also started a tour company but unfortunately, this didn't work out well at all. When they got divorced Hadar was left with all of their debts (one and a half million NIS). Currently, Hadar’s ex-husband says that he is sick and is unable to work, but it does seem likely that he is lying so he does not need to pay alimony for his daughters. He doesn’t help or support her in any way. 


When Hadar discovered she was pregnant again, this time from her boyfriend, she was very worried and was considering having an abortion. Hadar then heard about Be’ad Chaim and decided to ask for help. As a result, she chose life for her baby despite all the fears and challenges. It was then through your very generous sponsorship Hadar was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project once again. This provided her with monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy essentials that her baby would need. Hadar is so deeply grateful to be part of the project, it really makes such a huge difference to her situation.


During week 37 of the pregnancy, Hadar had to be induced, it was a high-risk pregnancy because of Hadar’s medical conditions. She has several problems with her liver, her kidneys, and now they have discovered a heart condition too. In addition to all this, they were also concerned that little Moria may have a genetic problem. On the 24th of November 2019, Hadar gave birth to her beautiful little girl weighing 2.700 Kg. Both the pregnancy and the birth were very difficult but praise God little Moria seems healthy and well, and so far the doctors haven't found any problems!


Moria’s father comes to visit them sometimes but is sadly not interested in his daughter at all, simply because he already has many daughters from his previous marriage. He said that if she had had a boy he would have loved and accepted the child. Please pray for an opening of his eyes and softening of his heart towards his beautiful daughter. 


Hadar really needs to support her family, so very soon after giving birth she went back to work at a local swimming pool, where she used to work before the birth. Most of the time she is able to take little Moria with her to work and in the evenings she is able to leave her with a Christian university student who is currently renting a room in Hadar’s apartment.  


Please keep this family in your prayers. Pray for Hadar’s and little Moria’s health, and pray for the Lord to provide all their needs.