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Gefen and Her Precious Girl

May 21, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Gefen is married and has 2 children, her daughter is 8 and her son is 15 months. Gefen was in a relationship with her husband for 7 years, and then 2 years ago they got married. Gefen’s husband had a very problematic background, even though he has changed a lot and chosen a good and healthy lifestyle he has had to pay the consequences for his actions in the past.  Unfortunately he was arrested six months ago and is presently in prison.  They hope he will be released this September.  Despite this Gefen has a good relationship with her husband. 

Gefen has had 3 abortions in the past, so when she discovered she was pregnant again she and her husband found themselves in a very difficult situation.  He was arrested during this time, and Gefen knew she would have to go through the whole pregnancy and birth on her own.  Despite this, however, they both decided to keep the baby. 

Gefen turned to the Ministry of Welfare and they then  referred her to Be’ad Chaim. Gefen told me how very grateful she is for all the love and support she has received during this very difficult and lonely time.  She knew it was going to be very hard to go through this without her husband beside her, with no emotional or financial support.   It was through your very generous sponsorship that Gefen was able to become part of the Operation Moses Project. This provided her with all the furniture she would need for the new baby and also monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essentials.

On the 14th March 2019 Gefen gave birth to a precious and beautiful girl, she named her Maria. It was a planned C-section, everything went well and Gefen is recovering fast.  Gefen wanted to nurse and succeeded at first but then it became too hard to juggle between her baby girl and her very active toddler. Unfortunately Maria has not  met her daddy yet but hopefully it will happen soon. Gefen shared that this has been so very hard for her husband to miss all this because he is in jail.

Gefen is not working, but receives income support from Society Security.  In September she will put her precious baby girl into daycare and go back to work.. I was pleased to hear that she has a lot of support from her mother and her sisters in law. 

Gefen sounds very happy and optimistic, she said that everything is  in God’s hands, even though we can’t always see the full picture she trusts Him that he is in control of her circumstances. 

Gefen shared her deep appreciation for your generous sponsorship and for all the support her and her family have received, it really has meant a tremendous amount to her.

Thank you so very much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Gefen and her family.