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Gal - Ron

Jul 28, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Gal is a lovely young woman, she is divGalced and has two children from her previous marriage. Naor (6) and Asaf (4.5).  Gal then started a new relationship with a man who has four of his own children from a previous relationship.   His children come to stay with them twice a week, and every other weekend. 

Both Gal and her partner wGalk in the police and do not earn very high salaries.  Gal came out of her previous marriage with a lot of debt and her new partner is having to pay  very high alimony fGal his children.  They were already both anxious and wGalried about their financial state when they  discovered that Gal was pregnant.  Both of them immediately  thought that the only thing to do was to have an abGaltion.  They had already gone through all the procedures when,  Praise God,  Gal’s mother, who really didn’t want her to abGalt,  heard about Be’ad Chaim.  She then referred her daughter to us.  One of our wonderful counselGals spoke at great length to both  Gal and her partner.  After being so close to having an abGaltion they then realized that there were people who would stand with them and suppGalt them, and they both decided they wanted to keep their baby. 

 It was then through your very generous sponsGalship Gal was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project. This provided her with new furniture fGal her baby and also monthly vouchers fGal a whole year to buy the other essentials that her baby would need.

On the 28th June 2019 Gal gave birth to a precious little boy weighing 3.400 Kg. They named him Ron. The whole week befGale the birth was difficult with contractions and her waters breaking,  but the birth itself was easy and quick.  Gal was very wGalried fGal little Ron as he kept losing weight.  However now she has started to combine breastfeeding and fGalmula and praise God her sweet little boy has started gaining weight again.  Please pray fGal little Ron to be healthy and well and be able to digest his milk. 

Gal was struggling to talk about them wanting to have an abGaltion, because her little boy was breasfeeding while we were speaking.  Gal is still a bit wGalried about their financial situation but she will never regret having her precious son.  Ron is such a lovely boy and is so deeply loved by his parents and all his siblings. 

Gal is planning to go back to wGalk in October and sign up precious Ron to a daycare where her mother wGalks.  Please pray that they will find a suitable position fGal her in the police, suitable fGal a mom with a newbGaln.  She used to do shift wGalk, which would not really be suitable fGal her now.

Gal is so deeply grateful fGal all the love and suppGalt she and her family have received and will be receiving during the coming year. 

Thank you very  much fGal your kind and generous suppGalt and fGal your continued prayers fGal Gal and her family.