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For I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Jul 13, 2021 • By Be'ad Chaim

Today I was walking and I passed a pregnant woman whose rather large belly button was bulging outwards. In an instant I was reminded how that belly button had been used to provide her with oxygen and nutrients while she was inside of her mom, and how she was now doing the same for the baby growing inside of her. Suddenly I was overwhelmed (and a little angry) with the idea that if people knew the complexities of how fetal circulation worked to provide oxygen while the baby is encased in fluid, and how quickly everything changes immediately after birth, they could not possibly deny the existence of God and His hand in the design. So, here is the short version.

All nutrients and oxygen come from mom’s placenta through the baby’s umbilical vein. Since the baby does not breathe inside mom, blood with oxygen has to be shunted away from the lungs and into the left heart where it can get pumped to the baby’s developing body. This happens through the Foramen Ovale, a hole between upper heart chambers that closes shortly after birth. Another shunt, the Ductus Arteriosus, makes sure no blood enters the lungs at all by shunting blood from the Pulmonary Artery to the Aorta. Again, this ductus closes shortly after etal birth. After the baby uses the oxygen, it sends blood back to mom via the umbilical artery - the only systemic artery that does not carry oxygenated blood. The umbilical arteries close and become little fibrous strands after birth. And, of course, the umbilical cord itself falls off soon after birth.

With the baby’s first breath, everything has to change quickly to allow the lungs to now supply all of the oxygen. So, new giant arteries open, previously open holes close, and no longer needed vessels shrivel up and go away, and all very quickly. Anyone who thinks that just happens through chance might want to rethink it.

And who are we to think that what God has so wonderfully made, we can so easily throw away through abortion because of immorality and inconvenience. In Israel today about 10% of all pregnancies, or about 20,000 yearly, end in abortions that are legally approved AND funded by the government, up to the time of delivery. For a nation that bears the name of the creator of all things, can there be any greater abomination?

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. (Psalm 139:14)

Dr. Kerry S. Teplinsky