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Dina - Liraz 

Jan 15, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Dina is married but her and her husband don’t live together and neither are they in contact with one another.  They haven't made a final decision yet, but most likely sooner or later they will get divorced. Together, they have a 2-year-old boy. When Dina got pregnant again she was considering having an abortion because of her financial situation and her unstable marital situation, but praise God many people encouraged her to keep her baby saying that there is a blessing coming with each child. 


Being a mother and going through the whole process of pregnancy and birth with her first son, she realised she really could not abort her baby. However, she knew that she would need a lot of support as a single mother. We had supported Dina in the past and she then decided to contact her counselor once again. We were very happy indeed to support her and it was then through your very generous sponsorship she was able to become part of The Operation Moses Project again. This provided her with a new bed and stroller for her baby and also monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy other essentials that her baby would need.


On the 27th of October 2019, Dina gave birth to a sweet little girl, she named her Liraz. It was a good and easy birth, easier than Dina’s first birth. Both Dina and her baby are healthy and doing well. Please pray for Dina, she is finding it very challenging being a single mother needing to take care of a toddler and a newborn all on her own.


Liraz’s father hasn’t seen her yet. Dina’s older son is struggling a bit with jealousy but she believes that very soon he will bond with his sister and they will be good friends. 


Dina is so deeply grateful for all the love and support she and her children have received through Be’ad Chaim and her generous donor. She said: “Thank you so much, I will never take for granted all that you have done for us. Your help and support are truly significant for us.” 


Thank you so very much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Dina and her family.