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One Big Family

May 21, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Tali is a lovely and grateful woman, she is married, both her and her husband are religious Jews, they have a good relationship and her husband is very supportive. They have had 9 children together, the oldest one is 16 years old and the youngest one is 1 and a half years old. 

When they discovered Tali was pregnant again with their 10th child it was very unexpected, but they were also very grateful to God for his provision, but life can still be challenging with such a large family. Being religious they didn’t want to even think about having an abortion but knew they would need to find some help and support. 

Tali heard about Be’ad Chaim through one of her sisters who we had supported in the past. She turned to us for help and  it was through your generous sponsorship she was able to receive that help and to become part of The Operation Moses Project. This provided her with  all the furniture she needed for her baby and also the promise of monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other necessary items she would need for her baby.

On the 17th April 2019 Tali gave birth to her 10th child, a precious little boy, they named him Michael. The birth went well and both mother and baby recovered and doing well. Michael’s older siblings love him so much and treat him like a baby doll.   

Tali expressed her deep appreciation and gratitude for your kind and generous help. Thank you so much! She said.  

Thank you so very much for your kind and generous support and for your continued prayers for Tali and her family.