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Roni and Her 1st Birthday

May 28, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Precious Roni celebrated her 1st birthday on the 18th April 2019. Batia said “Praise The Lord, everything is very well”.  Roni is growing and developing very well, she is going together with her older brother (1 year apart), to the same daycare, and they both love playing and being together.


Since Roni started going to daycare Batia has managed to finish her studies and return to work. Batia’s husband has been supportive and helpful during this time too. He has now started studying again, and they are both hoping this will help him find a better job when he finishes his studies.  Let us pray for open doors and opportunities for both of them.


Batia expressed how deeply she was touched by all the help they have received “Thank you so much, you have truly helped us, we really appreciate it and don’t take anything for granted. The work you are doing with people is amazing!”.  

 They seem to still have financial difficulties but are trying their best to move forward.


Thank you so very much for enabling Batia to be part of the Operation Moses Project, and for praying for her and her family throughout this year.