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August 2021 Newsletter

Aug 01, 2021 • By Sandy Shoshani

Team work saves lives!

We have a fabulous team here at Be’ad Chaim that works in unity. Together, office staff, counselors, board members, volunteers, and you, our faithful supporter, are part of a team of dedicated, caring people who want to protect the lives of the unborn.

In our Whatsapp counselors’ group, prayer requests are posted nearly every day. Several weeks ago, one of our newest counselors, Yael, sent this urgent prayer request to the group: “Hi ladies, I’m asking for prayer for Nora whose boyfriend beat her. She’s now in the hospital doing tests. This is the girl with whom I started to speak yesterday.” The counselors responded with numerous emojis of praying hands. The next day, Yael posted this: “I have great news! When Nora went to the hospital after being attacked by her boyfriend, her mother discovered her pregnancy and told her to keep the baby. Together, they filed a complaint with the police against the boyfriend.” Yael visited Nora when she came home from the hospital. Because it’s a dangerous neighborhood, Yael’s husband accompanied her and waited in the car while Yael waited outside the apartment building for Nora to come down and meet her. Nora is not allowed to leave her apartment building at this time because of the danger to her life. There was even a police guard at the entrance to the building. I thank God for our wonderful team which includes you, our faithful prayer partner and supporter.

May the Lord richly bless you!

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

Meeting in a grocery shop

When I was hired to work at Be’ad Chaim in 2005, one of my responsibilities was to hand out fliers on the streets. That we did - nearly half a million in two years! One day, I randomly handed a flier to a woman in her 50’s on the bus. She stuffed it into her handbag. The next day, her daughter Adi told her that she was pregnant and had scheduled an abortion. Pulling the flier out of her bag, she handed it to Adi who exclaimed, “It’s a sign from heaven. I won’t go through with the abortion.” Last week in the grocery shop, in front of me in line, was daughter and now mother Adi. We instantly recognized each other. Proudly, she told me that her son is now 15 years old and smiled as she remembered the role that Be’ad Chaim had in saving his life.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Clothing – a touchingexpression of love from counselor to mom

Through our Operation Moses project, we are able to provide all of the essential baby items for moms who need our help, including a bed, stroller, bathtub, bed sheets and monthly gift cards to purchase diapers, and other necessities. In addition, the moms feel especially loved when they receive beautiful new or like-new clothing from one of our baby boutiques. The clothing is donated by generous friends around the world.

Salwa and baby girl

Salwa, 33, is a Christian refugee from Eritrea and a single mom. The father of her child, an Israeli citizen, helps her irregularly, and it was very hard for her to find house-cleaning work during the coronavirus shutdowns. Salwa was so delighted to receive a package of lovely, good quality clothing for her little daughter. It made her feel like her daughter was a little princess.

Oshrit and baby Avior

Ofra, 35, and Eitan underwent fertility treatments for nine years until she finally became pregnant. Of course, they were ecstatic. Their joy was severely dampened after Eitan’s brother “borrowed” all of their savings which he refused to return, and severely beat Eitan causing him chronic health issues. They found themselves without money and Eitan was unable to work. Our kind hearted counselor, Laurel, visited them and left a clothing package for the baby. Laurel shared, “I always try to encourage them and I pray for Eitan's hand to be healed so he can work. About 15 minutes after I left, he called me, crying. He thanked us for the beautiful clothes. They hadn't expected to receive such high quality clothing, and this gift made him feel very special and loved.”

Triple Joy!

Fida is 28 years old. She and her husband had five girls when they discovered that she was pregnant with TRIPLETS. They decided to have an abortion because they couldn’t imagine taking care of another three children on their very tight budget. Her mother, however, begged her not to kill the triplets. She prayed for Fida and even slept next to her in order to keep an eye on her! Thankfully, a friend told Fida about Be’ad Chaim and the help that we offer to new moms. With the friendship and practical support that our counselor offered, they chose life for their babies. On the 29th of May, Fida gave birth to three healthy children: a boy Sanid and two girls Nusan and Rachil. Fida said that her mother was always there during the first weeks to lend a hand. Her husband is home more now than before and helps her. It seems his heart has softened and he admires Fida for giving birth to three of his children at once! He said “It's a miracle!” Fida and her family are deeply grateful to Be’ad Chaim for providing beds, strollers and monthly gift cards for all three babies!

New Calendar!

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year! The 2021-2022 16 month calendar will be ready for shipment this month. This year, the calendar is even more special than ever because our gorgeous babies have been featured on scenic photos of Judea and Samaria.
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Be'ad Chaim Baby Calendar - 2021-2022 product shot
Be'ad Chaim Baby Calendar - 2021-2022


Jana celebrated her first birthday in June. She’s a beauty who brings smiles to all around her. Her mother, Anna, rents a small apartment close to her parents who help her, and works as a secretary. Formerly, Anna was a drug addict who met her daughter’s father during a low season in her life. When she told him that she was pregnant with Jana, he threatened to leave her if she refused to abort. Bravely, and with the help of her parents and Be’ad Chaim, she chose life. As you can see, Jana is a shining light, a blooming flower in Anna’s life.


As new immigrants from Russia with very basic Hebrew, Anastasia and her husband were bewildered when they discovered her pregnancy with Leon. They live in a tiny apartment and the rent and utilities eat up most of their monthly income. Despite their financial difficulties, they are grateful for their adorable son who brings them much joy. The help from Be’ad Chaim, through our Operation Moses project, has been vital for them. Being new immigrants is a challenge but they are hopeful and look toward a blessed future for their son.


David, the youngest of six, is absolutely adorable. Monica said that the last year has been very challenging for her because her children had to study from home. She found herself in the role of a teacher, and as her Hebrew is not very good, she sometimes felt quite helpless when the children would ask her a question and she did not know the answer! Her husband is unemployed and does not speak much Hebrew either. Monica has become close to her counselor who spends time encouraging her and is trying to help Monica’s husband find a job. For Monica, while the practical help that she’s received through the Operation Moses project has helped tremendously, the emotional support and caring friendship from her counselor have given her hope when times were tough.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Our social media continues to increase with two promo videos that are going out to a million viewers. You can watch the videos on Facebook.

Precious thank you letter and ultrasound!

Just a quick word of thanks can make a world of difference for our counselors and bring much joy. Here’s an ultrasound image sent by one of our expectant moms. Under the image she wrote:

“Because of you and your nonprofit organization, this is mine. Thank you so much!”

Gardens of Life:

The Gardens of Life are a place of healing and restoration after the loss of a child. Recently, a tree was planted on behalf of an elderly sister, Miriam, who is now living in a home for the aged. Our prayer hostess prayed that God would bring consolation to Miriam’s heart after many years of grieving over a child miscarried decades ago. Another local Israeli planted a cypress tree in memory of a child her sister had aborted many years ago. There were tender-hearted prayers and tears. All are welcome to visit the Gardens of Life or ask us to prayerfully plant a tree for you. You will receive photos and a certificate.

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

The Power of Your Story:

We recently began using the power of stories to bring healing to women. Whether it be after abortion or abuse, we can see that sharing one’s story helps to open doors for others to open their hearts. During our mothers’ meeting in mid July, one of our Jerusalem counselors shared her experiences as a rejected and lonely teen. It was a powerful meeting during which several of the mothers began to cry and said how wonderful it was to be able to talk about their difficult childhood with others. One mother said that she was tired of pretending to be strong. We thank God that we are able to touch hearts with His Love for these special moms.

Our new material, The Power of Your Story.

Hebrew booklet based on “The Power of Your Story”, Abortion Anonymous, Inc.