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Anastasia - Amit

Oct 17, 2019 • By Be'ad Chaim

Precious Amit celebrated her first  birthday on the 13th June 2019. She is a sweet little girl, healthy and developing well. Just yesterday she took her first steps and it looks like she will soon be walking and running.

Anastasia is a stay home mum.   She had wanted to send Amit to daycare, but sadly there have been many stories recently of neglect, and even violence towards little children here in Israel who attend daycare and this has made her fearful.  She hopes to send her once Amit starts talking. 

Unfortunately Anastasia’s mother, who was the one who insisted that Anastasia keep her baby and not have an abortion, has not been well lately and has been unable to help Anastasial at all.  Please pray for her health.

 Anastasia is living in a government subsidized apartment and pays a very minimal rent.

She is struggling financially because  she is the only provider and is unable to go to work at the moment as she has to care for Amit.  Please pray for grace and provision for the coming season. 

Amit’s father does come to visit her from time to time but he  is not paying alimony,  but Anastasia is receiving financial support from National insurance. 

Anastasia is so deeply grateful for all the help, support and love she has received during the past year, it was truly very significant for her, and made such a huge difference to her situation. 

Thank you so very much for enabling Anastasia to be part of the Operation Moses Project, and  for praying for her and her precious daughter throughout this year.