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Advertising on buses

May 05, 2021 • By Be'ad Chaim

In March we began a bus campaign with a full-size ad on either the back or side of 28 buses in the Tel Aviv region, Tiberias and Ashkelon. The signs on the buses read: The heart first beats at 22 days of pregnancy! It’s your right to know. It’s your right to choose. You’re not alone! At the bottom of the sign is our website and hotline number. Our prayer is that those who see the buses will realize that the baby in the womb is a PERSON with a beating heart.

This month, through the generosity of donors, another 115 buses took it to the streets of Jerusalem, Ashdod, Petach Tikvah and Be'er Sheva. The emphasis of the campaign is to inspire courage in women! We are letting women know that they don’t have to give up on their babies, that they are not alone and that we want to help them. Please join us in prayer that these bus ads will protect the lives of mothers and children from abortion.