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Lea and Michael

May 14, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Michael celebrated his first birthday on the 17th of April this year!

 He brings a lot of happiness to his mom. Lea said that he is trying to walk on his own and is doing really well with a bit of help.  He laughs a lot and has a very good appetite.

 Lea comes from a difficult background. She used to use drugs and drink in excess, but since becoming a mom she realizes she has responsibilities.  Now she wants the very best for her child.

 When she was pregnant with Michael, her partner was violent towards her and hit her.  She ran away and spent most of her pregnancy at a friend’s house.  She then heard he had been involved in an accident and was seriously injured.  He is now crippled and cannot walk.   He now comes once in a while to visit his son.

 Lea told me that when he heard that she had given birth, he wanted to see the baby and came to visit her at the hospital. 

 Lea has some mental disabilities and so she does not work. The ministry of welfare helps her financially, but this is not enough to cover all her outgoings. She now has a social worker to help her make decisions and to give guidance when needed.

 Lea told me that Michael's father came over to ask her to forgive him.  She is still undecided about how their future may look together but told me how touched she was by this. 

 Lea shared her very deep gratitude for all the help and support she and Michael have received over this past year. In the midst of all the challenges, she was facing it was very special to have people who loved, cared, and supported her.  It really made such a huge difference in her situation.  She is immensely grateful.