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Lilach Pregnancy Counseling Centers

Be'ad Chaim has 11 counselors stationed in key cities around the country and a 24-hour hotline that connects women in need with a counselor who speaks their language (whenever possible.) The main office in Jerusalem also functions as a distribution center, training center, and meeting place for moms enrolled in Operation Moses. We also have distribution/counseling centers in Tiberias, Acco, Haifa and in Be'er Sheva. 

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Tangible/Practical Help

  • Operation Moses provides moms with all they need for the first year of their baby's life. This includes a baby carriage, bed, chest of drawers, diapers, formula (if needed) and clothing.
  • Coaching on natal nutrition, stages of pregnancy, fetal
    development, etc.
  • Ultrasound imaging to confirm pregnancy, subject to
  • Alternative housing during pregnancy
  • Support during delivery, including hospital visitation

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Internet outreach

our Hebrew language website www.lovelife.org.il is the gateway for women in Israel who are seeking to find information about abortion. We are heavily invested in making it visible on web searches and this forms an increasingly trafficed venue for reaching our internet counselor. This initial contact with Be'ad Chaim often saves the lives of little ones, and is the first step in connecting the moms with the local counselor who will accompany them through the pregnancy, birth and first year of their child.

Group presentations

Sometimes we have the unique opportunity to present the Pro-Life message to public school classrooms, youth groups, and women’s groups. These presentations are provided upon request and are designed to meet the needs of the individual group.


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