Operation Moses

Many women in Israel consider aborting their babies because they feel they cannot financially support a child. In fact, according to a local alternative-family organization in Israel, money worries are the leading cause of abortions in Israel.
In response, Be'ad Chaim has felt God's leading to start a new venture, the Operation Moses project. Operation Moses gives every mother who considered an abortion (but kept the baby) all that she needs for the first year of his or her life.This includes a baby bed, changing table, stroller, and bath delivered to her house once the baby is born. We also provide monthly diapers/formula for the first year of her child’s life and visit her on a regular basis.

Operation Moses is funded entirely by donations and is a form of ‘adoption” that pairs a donor (individual, congregation, prayer group, etc) with a mom in crisis. The donor receives an information packet containing the first names of the mom and baby, the baby's birth date, and various details concerning the birth so they can pray for her and participate in this momentous event. After the birth we send the donors photos of the developing baby and connect the mother with the donor (if this is amenable for both sides).

Due to the generous donation of monthly diapers, the cost of sponsorship for each mother has now dropped to only $1500 or 1200EU. This is all that is needed to provide for this baby’s first year and can change the course of an entire family  - bringing a new life into it rather than sorrow and remorse.

Here is a letter of thanks written recently by an Operation Moses participant:

To who gave generously…

I am 24 and a single mother living in Jerusalem.  I had a baby boy born two months ago named Eitan.  I’ve never been happier, but it was not always like this. I became an orphan at a young age and was in an orphanage for some time.  Today, I rent an apartment and work as a security guard. I was without help when I became pregnant and seriously thought about aborting my baby.  I was also without my boyfriend who is living abroad.  I had no connection with him so there was no one to help me.  Finally, I decided not to abort my baby!  I thought about giving up the baby for adoption so someone else could care for his needs, because I was afraid that I couldn’t provide for his needs. I was living a difficult life by myself. I was scared during my whole pregnancy that he would not be able to live with his biological mother.

There was a hope in my heart to keep the baby and not give him up for adoption.  This was due to the organization called Be’ad Chaim.  They didn’t disappoint me as they worked by my side and helped as they could.  I still had fear as the delivery day drew closer.  I still considered giving him up for adoption so he could live a good life. But when I delivered my son, everything I feared was forgotten. The feeling of a mother’s love came over me and I gave up the idea of adoption.  When I returned home, I worried about how I could provide for him with things like a crib, stroller, food and diapers.

That is when you entered into the picture like an angel from Heaven! You have a good heart even though you don’t know me at all.  I have no words to describe my feelings.  I have a new optimistic beginning for my baby. I pray that many people like you will have big hearts. Thank you very much for giving me hope and light in my life. May God bless you as you continue to be a savior in the darkness. May God be with us. Love and Hugs

A. S.

Please consider donating to this project. Donations that fall short of full sponsorship will be paired up with similar donations to provide full coverage for each woman enrolled in the project.
To contribute to this project, please click on the donate button on the right hand side of the screen. 

Donation for Operation of Moses

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