Gardens of Life

Ganei Chaim

Ganei Chaim, or the Life Gardens, are located in an idealic wooded forest glen, just minutes away from the busy Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. The garden, tucked behind Israel's national armory memorial, offers a place of reflection and memory for women and families that have lost a baby.

Some come here to remember the baby that was miscarried, most come here to plant a tree in memory of the baby they aborted. It is our hope that this place will offer a tangible place for healing as women face the pain of loss in their past, repent and make amends before God, and continue on.

Amongst the ancient olive trees and the young saplings newly planted, bulbs sprout out and show their vibrant colors in season. The gardens are a place of new growth, of life renewed on land once soiled by wars of many kinds. It is a testament that we serve a God who calls us to "choose life that you may live!" 

If you would like to plant a tree in memory of your child that was lost to abortion or miscarriage, please contact our office and we will be glad to meet you at the gardens for your own time of reflection and healing. If you are unable to plant a tree in person, one of our staff can plant one in your stead. Please call our office to coordinate a tree planting +972-2-624-2516.

If you wish to make a general contribution to the care and upkeep of the garden, please do so using the donate button to the right of the screen.

Thank you for joining hands with us as we help this garden grow.

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