Street Outreach

Street outreach takes place regularly in most of the cities where we have centers. Thousands of soldiers pass through the central bus station in Jerusalem and Beer Sheva before and after the Shabbat so these are prime locations to touch lives through our outreaches.

 Group Presentations

Often we have the unique opportunity to present the Pro-Life message to public school classrooms, youth groups, and women’s groups. These presentations are provided upon request and are designed to meet the needs of the individual group.


We offer a free DVD entitled “Window into the Womb,” which has been dubbed in Hebrew. The DVD is a factual and often amusing peak into the womb using ultrasound imagery. The images of a baby jumping, sucking it's thumb and yawning are important  and convincing arguments for  the protection of life in the womb. 

Conferences and Seminars

our International Conference takes regularly every few years. At these events we invite representatives of Pro Life ministries and partners to Israel to present the current situation in Israel and unite together for strategic prayer and action to stop abortion in Israel. Our last event took place in March of 2010 on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and was a very blessed time of sharing with our 97 international delegates. Our next conference is tentatively scheduled for 2012.

Youth Conferences - An Annual youth weekend conference, one for young women, and one for young men, generally takes place in the early part of each year. The topic of this conference is primarily purity but always with a positive emphasis on pursuing God with all of our hearts. This year the boy's conference was in Mid January, and the girl's conference at the end of January.

Counselor Training - We organise periodic counselor training seminars and refreshers.

Post Abortion Seminars - Be'ad Chaim periodically offers weekend seminars for those women who have had abortions and want to receive healing in this area. During the most recent seminar, many women dealt, for the first time, with their abortions and were deeply touched by God's love and forgiveness.

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