We've just started making plans for the next  International Conference in October of 2015. We will announce more details as they are forthcoming.

Past Conferences:

2013 Conference Invitation

  • The theme in 2013 was "Lamenting Before the Lord for the Lives of the Unborn". We spent 4 days traveling around the country on a unique prayer journey, culminating in 3 days of sessions at a resort in the Galilee. See our information brochure here. 

  • Our annual conference (in the Hebrew language) took place this June (2012) in the center of Tel-Aviv. The conference aimed to raise awareness in the local body about ways we can all be involved in interceding for a change of heart in Israel in regards to the unborn.  A special night of street outreach gave us a chance to intercede on the streets for the decisions made daily, behind closed doors, that affect the future of so many unborn. It was a special time as a local body. 

  • Two annual youth conferences, one for young women, and one for young men, generally take place in February of each year. The topic of this conference focuses on maintaining personal purity but always with the positive emphasis on pursuing God with all of our hearts.


  • Counselor training sessions - Over the course of three consecutive weeks in November of 2009, we met together with new and prospective counselors to introduce them to the Biblical foundation, ideology and methodology of prenatal counseling that is strongly Pro-Life. As a result we were able to establish a new office to service the Tel-Aviv area and one in Eilat. These are important new locations in the heart of a cities which promote abortion and, especially in Tel Aviv, are in an area where there are numerous private abortion clinics. 

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